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selected members worldwide

  • Paul Zipkin - US
  • Jeanne Kirby Bruneau - US
  • barry osbourn - US
  • Julie Hester-Lucas - UK
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Lisa Ernst - US
  • Neil Crabb - UK
  • Dagmar Powitz - DE

Featured Members

  • old road,canopy road,dirt road,tree-covered road,old road photograph,canopy road photograph,dirt road photograph,tree-covered road photograph,Larry Fuchs,Tallahassee,Florida,Old Magnolia Road - Landscape Photography
  • Marilyn Fairman, oil painting, landscape, impressionist, Lake George, Hudson River School, Water - Landscape Painting
  • Surrealism, Chagall, bali
-  Painting
  • mandala, infinity, spiral -  Painting
  • Steve harp, harp, photographer, photography,landscape,travel documentary,place, italy,greenland, russia,sublime,liminal,contemporary photography,contemporary art,classic photography, fine art photography,black 
and white, color photography - Landscape Photography
  • New York Stock Exchange,New York City,Black and white photograph. Wall Street - Architecture Photography
  • Barbara Fields Timm, landscape, surreal landscape, oil landscape, fantasy landscape, sun, moon, doves - Allegorical Painting
  • Winter, snow, trees, farm scene, house, field, fence -  Painting
  • watercolor, landscape, winter, wood, lake - Landscape Painting
  • city abstract skyscrapers New York City Manhattan black white photography  - Urban Photography
  • Woodburning, jason houchen, art, pyrography, la luz de jesus gallery -  Wood
  • Abstract, Acrylic, Painting, desert, heat, summer, red tones, warm tones, warm, hot, heat, red, scorch, landscape -  Painting
  • pit fired, glaze, ceramic, sculpture, clay, figurative, antiques, kat, kat mciver, katherine, katherine mciver, spiritual, feminine, woman -  Ceramics
  • Carol Reynolds, Hawaii artist, seascape with flowers, Manhattan beach, The Strand, California beach, blue sky, white clouds, blue water, flowers, flowers at the beach - Seascape Painting
  • Painting, oil, landscape -  Painting
  • Ceramics,Cynthia,Stoetzer,Guild,stoneware - Functional Ceramics
  • Lynne Barton, Vermont artist, printmaking, etching, monoprint,  - Landscape Printmaking
  • Fall on Nantucket - Landscape Painting
  • David Cicero,abstract, - Abstract Painting
  • impressionist, religious, spiritual, figurative, - Impressionism Painting