George B. Trimitsis - Digital Art
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Kaori Takamura - Other
George B. Trimitsis - Digital Art

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Featured Members

  • Mural at Junior League of Hartford Designer Showhouse 2012, for
Interior Remedies -  Decorative
  • Red, green grass, blue river - Expressionist Painting
  • oil,abstract,North Carolina,nature, - Abstract Painting
  • city abstract skyscrapers New York City Manhattan black white photography  - Urban Photography
  • Lori MacDonald, acrylic, original painting, Maine, Lubec, ocean, red, cottage, porch, sunshine, flowers - Interior Painting
  • rainforest, painting -  Painting
  • Elizabeth Jameson, MRI, medical imaging, brain, solarplate, printmaking, etching, anatomy of brain - Genre Printmaking
  • deborah stevenson,stevenson,oils,oil paintings, painter,cityscapes,landscapes,skyscapes,urban landscapes,seattle,washington - Cityscape Painting
  • Digital, Photo, Landscape, photography, Japan, Digital Camera, Digital Photography, Nature, Nori Ohara, Zoo,animal,
Butterfly -  Digital Art
  • Acrylic, painting, modern art, canvas, large scale, chiaroscuro. - Abstract Painting
  • Figure study, nude, torso, buttocks, legs, feet, horn - Nude Photography
  • Jan Sasser, Landscape, Moonrise Scene - Landscape Painting
  • Thunderheart Jewelry, buffalo, silver, pendant - Pendants Jewelry
  • grainlab,furniture, woodworking, tahle patton, eugene, seattle, spalted maple, walnut, modern furniture, northwest  -  Wood
  • Salome detail 1 -
  • nancy wernersbach,wernersbach,oil,oils,oil painting,oil paintings,seascape,seascapes,ocean,beach,waves,long island,beaches,beach paintings,wave paintings,beach art,ocean art,wave art,seascape paintings,realistic art,realistic paintings,blue,green,teal,beige,white,yellow,cool colors,ocean colors,beach colors - Realism Painting
  • Painting - Abstract Painting
  • Felted vessels and scarves by Laura Berman -  Fiber Art
  • New York Stock Exchange,New York City,Black and white photograph. Wall Street - Architecture Photography