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selected members worldwide

  • DL Watson - US
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK
  • Viem Leduc - DK
  • Laura Bennett - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Maria Simonsson - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Jeff Love - US
  • Laurie MacMillan - US

Featured Members

  • oil painting, daniel magoon,blue,prisoner - Figurative Painting
  • bronze, sculpture, bicycle, bird, eleen auvil, conceptual - Animals Sculpture
  • Janice Wright, Denver, Colorado, acrylic, painting, fall, autumn, foothills, impressionist - Impressionism Painting
  • acrylic,girl,pink,text,type,figurative,purple,girly,child,kid,playful,contemporary - Figurative Painting
  • Missouri River, Missouri, River, Booneville, Bend in River, watercolour, watercolor, bluffs - Landscape Painting
  • abstract,green moody expressionism,expressionist,acrylic,rick angeloni,richard angeloni,angeloni, abstract,painting,abstract painting,fine art, art,abstract expressionist, American painting, contemporary painting,action painting,acrylic painting, moody painting,texture, nature, emotion,acrylic painting, oil painting,contemporary art,fine art,classic art,pennington,new jersey - Abstract Painting
  • sculpture, stone, travertine, marble, posey nelson - Abstract Sculpture
  • Rollin Kocsis, Rollin, Kocsis, Memphis, painter,Tennessee artist, face,abstract,January,janus -  Printmaking
  • eels, chair, colored pencil, drawing, interior, Judith Orner Bruce, Bruce, eels at ease, still life, patterns - Still Life Drawing
  • Bracelet, viking, knit, sterlin silver  - Rings Jewelry
  • Lynda McClanahan, David Bowie - Pop Art Painting
  • kathy,seaboyer,canadian,novascotia,painter,lunenburg,kasber,pictorial,historical,modern,contemporary,, - Abstract Painting
  • marti, marti artist, marti art studio, marti animal art, grey horse painting, gray horse art, equin painting, contemporary horse painting, horse painting in mixed media, cheval gris, peinture de cheval gris, art animalier, artiste animalier, animal realism - Representational Mixed Media
  • historical paintings, west coast - Landscape Painting
  •  -
  • Rosemary Curtin, painter, watercolor, landscape, mixed media, Racine, Wisconsin -  Painting
  • duck, trio, sleep, grass, reed, light, bird, portrait, avian, nature, wildlife - Animals Photography
  • serpentine, necklace, swarovski - Necklaces Jewelry
  • Fall on Nantucket - Landscape Painting
  • Birgit Wudenka McMullen,acrylics, Akryl, Gully Gumpbies, organic, texture, glazing, -  Painting