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Focus on: Jewelers

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selected members worldwide

  • Kesra Hoffman - US
  • Ron Weinkauf - US
  • Vivian Wenhuey Chen - US
  • Basha Maryanska - Bienkowski - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Raul de la Torre - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK

Featured Members

  • Cathy Leaycraft, Real Estate Photography - Architecture Photography
  • Vincent cacciotti,surrealism, painting oil - Surrealism Painting
  • Wolfers,Bat,Freiwald,Art,Pottery,Jean,Carries,L'ecole,Philippe,Wolfers,Art,Amphora,Bats,Vase,Style,1900,Jugendstil,Art,Nouveau,Gres,Faience - Figurative Ceramics
  • Clark Gardens, Pond, Vivian Hershfield, Long Island Artist, New York Artists, Pastel, - Landscape
  • Marcus Cadman, Hand print artwork, Native American Art - Pop Art Painting
  • Mural at Junior League of Hartford Designer Showhouse 2012, for
Interior Remedies -  Decorative
  • seascape, landscape, beach scene,oil painting -  Painting
  • laila carlsen, painting, landscape, seascape - Landscape Painting
  • pathways, woods, black and white, sepia - Landscape Photography
  • buckle,sterling,rose,yellow,gold - Soldered Metal
  • Rosemary Curtin, painter, watercolor, landscape, mixed media, Racine, Wisconsin -  Painting
  • wallhung, aluminum, op-art, - Figurative Sculpture
  • Shanye Huang, Gouache on paper, Zhuang ethnic Art, Zhuang Pop Art, - Pop Art Painting
  • earrings, copper earrings, top 100 jewelry artists america, award-winning jewelry, silversmith, goldsmith, mixed metal jewelry, enamel jewelry, award winning enamel jewelry, silver jewelry, bronze jewelry, copper jewelry, brass jewelry, melissa erlenbach, melissa searle, melissa erlenbach searle, melissa erlenback, art jewelry, artisan  - Earrings Jewelry
  • Second Liners  - Pop Art Painting
  • Bernard Katzeff,Naples, Florida,abstract painting,contemporary art, acrylic painting, vivid colors,computer theme,21st century art,
- Abstract Painting
  • steel, tree, welded, recycled, metal -  Metal
  • travel, san andreas fault, abstract, Pluma, texture - Abstract Painting
  • Abstract,original,marti lyttle,blue,spirals,shapes,painting -  Painting
  • old road,canopy road,dirt road,tree-covered road,old road photograph,canopy road photograph,dirt road photograph,tree-covered road photograph,Larry Fuchs,Tallahassee,Florida,Old Magnolia Road - Landscape Photography