Maura Brennan - Photography
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Maura Brennan - Photography
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Featured Members

  • Second Liners  - Pop Art Painting
  • handmade, antique, vintage, button, french, sequin, ooak, pink, pastels, hand painted gold - Earrings Jewelry
  • Anne Lambert, collage, rosebuds,
garden, paper doll dress - Representational Mixed Media
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  • D. L. Bliss State Park, Lester Beach, Lake Tahoe drawing, Richard Eaves Woods, beach, sand, rocks - Landscape Drawing
  • pamela smith hudson,culver city,
california,print,collagraph,abstract print,abstract landscape,textural - Abstract Printmaking
  • copper, wire, chain, bead, pearl, necklace, Julie, Hester-Lucas, ishnonn - Necklaces Jewelry
  • fungus, lichen, oil painting - Botanical Painting
  • abstract,
cold wax - Abstract Painting
  • Madeline Garrett,garrett,paintings,painter,art,artist,mixed media,abstract,expressive,impressionistic,koi,landscape,floral,bold,abstract paintings,contemporary art,fine art,classic art,santa barbara,california - Abstract Painting
  • sketch - Animals Drawing
  • fabric,fiber art,collaborative art,feminist art -  Mixed Media
  • black and white photo, photo, figure, figurative photography, girl, woman, female, party,smoking, head dress, native american, smoke, indian, smokey, cigarette, weed , marijuana, pot, feathers, peace pipe, head gear, hat -  Photography
  • Allegory, Abstract Contemporary, Fantasy - Allegorical Painting
  • ellen grenell,grenell art,grenell painting,beautiful art,acrylic,linen,swirly,shiny,swirls,blues,greens,beautiful,california,skies,ocean spray,tall trees,sand - Abstract Painting
  •  - Abstract Painting
  • angel,innocence,child,exposure,violence,purity,sin,protection,children,spiritual,religious,protective,minors,worldly,childhood,pain - Figurative Drawing
  • jeanne kirby bruneau, plein air, tyme gallery plein air festival, grange estate havertown pa -  Painting
  • Maine, Island, Rocks Holly smith -  Painting