Yelena  Uger - Drawing
Eva M. Brown - Photography
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Stephen C. Layne - Sculpture

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  • digital photography,  montage, collage, color field, fantasy, computer art, narrative, nature, landscape, abstract -  Photography
  • Tamarack, Reid Thorpe, Bog, Landscape, Art, Landscape painting, Oil Painting, Oil, Midwest Landscape, Northern Wisconsin, Wisconsin Landscape, Northwoods Wisconsin,  - Landscape Painting
  • planes, jets -  Photography
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  • Jean Howard Paintings -  Painting
  • political, map -  Ceramics
  • oil painting, realism, toilet, bathroom, duchamp -  Painting
  • Drawing,Figurative,Charcoal,Narrative -  Drawing
  • Leah K. Tomaino, Winter, Winter tree, snow covered tree -  Painting
  • brown,conceptual,abstract,energy,spirit - Abstract Painting
  • Gordon,brown,pm,prime,minister,rape,burn,starving,cubist,surreal,portrait. - Political Painting
  • Digital Print - Abstract Photography
  • David Austin Clar, Watercolor, watercolor illustration, children's book illustration, elephant, king, crown -  Illustration
  • Contemplative,
Susanna Gallisdorfer,
Susanna Snodgrass,
Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer,
Morris Graves,
Morris Graves Foundation,
Piante Gallery,
Sewell Gallery,
Ren Brown Collection Gallery,
Redwoods Monastery,
Acrylic paint,
Semi abstract,
Color field,
Illuminated flower,
Woman artist,
California artist,
California North coast,
Humboldt County,
Art cards,
Greeting cards,
Keeping Vigil Press,
Self taught,
Intuitive painting,
Mrs Grossmanís Paper Company,
Andrea Grossman,
Asian style
- Color Field Painting
  • Catherine Roberts Leach, color photography, fine art photography, abstract photography, urban, Los Angeles, California, minimalist, minimalism, reflections - Abstract Photography
  • eels, chair, colored pencil, drawing, interior, Judith Orner Bruce, Bruce, eels at ease, still life, patterns - Still Life Drawing
  • grainlab,furniture, woodworking, tahle patton, eugene, seattle, spalted maple, walnut, modern furniture, northwest  -  Wood
  • Sterling silver, pin, rutilated quartz, cabachon,brooch, - Brooches Jewelry
  • tidal creek,charleston,lowcountry,clouds,summer,sunlight,marsh,vegetation - Landscape Painting
  • kaila fearey, landscape photographs, landscape photography, landscape, photography, icp, Irvington hs, Irvington,  - Landscape Photography