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Featured Members

  • Susan Ulrich, Ulrich - Abstract Painting
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  • sunset landscape seen in window of brick wall -  Sculpture
  •  -
  • Rodney Gene Mahaffey, Casper, Wyoming, photography, France - Still Life Photography
  • Ellen West, Mixed Media, Metal, Mirrors, ceramic, - Representational Mixed Media
  • gillian horgan, ghorgan, shadows, Miami Beach, Florida - Architecture Photography
  • landscape, abstract -  Painting
  • martia, dianne, mixed media, painting, landscape, oil, wax - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • painting of strong sun,painting of a bench,painting of Great Falls Park, - Landscape Painting
  • oil painting, mccormack, tennis, interior - Figurative Painting
  • firefly, dream, chinese, ink painting, asian, girl, sleeping, tranquil, serene, calm, glow, hair, traditional, figurative, slippers, pillow, Giclee, print, night - Figurative Printmaking
  • Paul Steiner -  Painting
  • gary postlethwait,photography,black & white,animals,arctic tern,bird,birds,nature - Animals Photography
  • Wilderness by Mary Edwards Watercolors, People Pets and Places You Love by Outer Banks artist Mary Edwards, - Landscape Painting