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  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Ginna Dowling - US
  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Mark Peterson - US
  • David Cicero - US
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • jonathan west - US
  • Jacquelyn Schechter - US

Featured Members

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  • Holiday Inn - NY state - Landscape Painting
  • Shelia Logan Designs, United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro, unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, gemstone, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, Lapis, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, necklace - Necklaces Jewelry
  • Almost Gone - Figurative Photography
  • Catherine Roberts Leach, color photography, fine art photography, abstract photography, urban, Los Angeles, California, minimalist, minimalism, reflections - Abstract Photography
  • Fashion Illustration 
- Figurative Drawing
  • mixed media,collage,surrealistic,dreamlike,LeeGoldberg,art work,strong images,strong symbolism -  Mixed Media
  • mandala, infinity, spiral -  Painting
  • acrylic, wood, monsters, fantasy world, self-discovery, ego, study, monster-making, narrative, color, humor, series, story, hand-painted, painting - Fantasy Painting
  • three-toed sloth, sloth, Costa Rica, animals of the rain forest, central american animals, wildlife art, art for conservation - Wildlife Painting
  • abstract. yellow.purple.dream - Abstract Painting
  • contemporary abstract, acrylic painting, symbolism, spirituality - Abstract Painting
  • Carolina De Medina, Landscape, Acrylic, Mountains, Furrows, Green, Brown - Landscape Printmaking
  • Sterling silver, pin, rutilated quartz, cabachon,brooch, - Brooches Jewelry
  • Birgit Wudenka McMullen,acrylics, Akryl, Gully Gumpbies, organic, texture, glazing, -  Painting
  • Vincent cacciotti,surrealism, painting oil - Surrealism Painting