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selected members worldwide

  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Julie Hester-Lucas - UK
  • James Fetter - US
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK
  • Van Evan Fuller - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Chris Mathis - US
  • Robert Sites - US
  • Anne Von Ehr - US

Featured Members

  • sunset, Acadia, Maine, landscape - Landscape Photography
  • Primeau,Ocala,Florida,music,musical,strings,piano,composer,maestro,Amadeus,Mozart - Conceptual Painting
  • McGlade, Ann McGlade, oil painting, ballet, ballerina,young girl, Eugene, Oregon, NY, St. Augustine, pink,
Sleeping Beauty, young girl, girl - Figurative Painting
  • Child, blue, blues, lonesome, lonely, alone, praying, anett, kilen kennedy, kennedy, abstract, figurative abstract, representational, remodernist,  -  Painting
  • Portrait, sill life, Jaki Santa Fe, -  Painting
  • fruits, peaches, pomegranateimpressionist, bold, oversize, oil painting, still lifes -  Painting
  • Diane Green Hebert, Mask, Mythological, Goddess, Sculpture, Maine artist, contemporary, Kozo, Fibre, Soul, Natural, wall art, wall sculpture wall art for sale, decorating with wall art -  Sculpture
  • Mural at Junior League of Hartford Designer Showhouse 2012, for
Interior Remedies -  Decorative
  • matted -
  • Jake Vandenbrink,ontario,canada,landscape painting,acrylic landscape,acrylic painting,realism,realistic painting,red,cardinal,wildlife art,wildlife painting,animals,snow,winter scenes,winter painting,forest,trees,path,trail,winter,snow scenes,winter landscape,snowscape,sonbirds,songbird painting,cardinal painting - Animals Painting
  • landscape, trees, dusk, evening sky, serene - Impressionism Painting
  • oil - Landscape Painting
  • Transcend, cast stone, steel -  Sculpture
  • Pastel,  Landscape,  woods, path, Cynthia Pierson  - Landscape Painting
  • Artists in Their Element Project -  Digital Art
  • Sharon Trammel, Acrylic on Canvas, Figurative, Expressive, Colorful -  Painting
  • abstract,green moody expressionism,expressionist,acrylic,rick angeloni,richard angeloni,angeloni, abstract,painting,abstract painting,fine art, art,abstract expressionist, American painting, contemporary painting,action painting,acrylic painting, moody painting,texture, nature, emotion,acrylic painting, oil painting,contemporary art,fine art,classic art,pennington,new jersey - Abstract Painting
  • johnculquiart, johnculquisurfart, culquisurfart -  Painting
  • oil painting, portrait, doll, jingu, japanese -  Painting
  • fabric,fiber art,collaborative art,feminist art -  Mixed Media