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  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Dagmar Powitz - DE
  • Martin Johnson - US
  • Carol Reynolds - US
  • Martha Baum - US
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Nuel Friend - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Gregory Gibson - US

Featured Members

  • San Juans, Silverton, Colorado, Kathi Eggers, mountains, breathtaking view, autumn, wonderful light, yellow, red, blue, pine trees, landscape - Landscape Painting
  • Diane dale,Circus paintings,Tumbling act,acrobats,Barnum & Bailey circus acts, -  Painting
  • T C Chiu, Tan Chun Chiu, Paris painting, Paris art - Cityscape Painting
  • SUNGYEE, SUNGYEE KIM, SUNGYEEKIM,TRAVEL, ink,sumi ink,ABSTRACT, PAINTING, MEDITATION, TEMPE, ASU, AZ, BLACK & WHITE, UNIVERSE,abstract,abstract painting,abstract art, contemporary, BUDDHISM, TAOISM, MICROCOSM, MACROCOSM, TRUTH OF NATURE, SPIRITUAL, CONCEPTUAL,SUNGYEE, ,spiritual,SUNGYEE KIM,painting,meditation, tempe,ASU, AZ,black & white, universe,ink,sumi ink, BUDDHISM,abstract,abstract painting,abstract art, contemporary, taoism, microcosm, macrocosm, nature, spiritual, ABSTRACT,conceptual,SUNGYEE, SUNGYEE KIM, SUNGYEEKIM, sungyee,sungyee kim,abstract, painting, meditation,meditative, black & white, ink,sumi ink,universe,spirituality - Abstract Painting
  • liora, lioraart, liora fine art, liora davis, plantation, FL., fort lauderdale, Florida, U.S.,artist, fine artist, fine art, watercolor, mixed media, painting, collage
Prague, Czech Republic, rooftops, skyline, city skyline, Eastern Europe, architecture, European architecture,
Giclee prints are available - Cityscape Painting
  • gay art,Peter J. Ketchum,Peter Ketchum,pop art,gay,Walt Whitman,Calamus,Leaves of Grass,physique,mixed media,acrylic,contemporary,Brooklyn artist,Brooklyn,found photo,ephemera,text based,appropriation,kitsch,vintage,collage - Figurative Painting
  • groovey Chair,chair,purple,green,black,white,interior,furniture,contemporary,expressive,whimsical,sophisticated,diane,dianebarbee,barbeeartdaily,dailypainters - Expressionist Painting
  • Connie Desaulniers,  3-dimensional painting, wildlife, birds, Michigan, sculptural, mixed media, Apoxie clay, acrylic - Representational Mixed Media
  • sons, portrait, personal -  Painting
  • Portrait - Portrait Drawing
  • Joe Mayer, Artist, Painting, Acrylic on Burlap with textural red gold flecks - Abstract Painting
  • abstract, collage, acrylic, mixed media, new, deep canvas, canvas - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • buddhist, chicken, blackman, cars, parking lot, signs - Figurative Printmaking
  • Abstract Mixed Media - Abstract Painting
  • len rome,chickens, farm - Animals Painting
  • male portrait, portrait, drawing, red chalk, helen uger, sanguine - Figurative Drawing
  • portrait,people,horse,quarter horse,colored pencil - Portrait Drawing
  • Representational,Figurative,Graphite by Priscilla George - Figurative Drawing
  • kate, kate neylon,neylon,catherine neylon, catherine, lambertville, new jersey, new hope, pennsylvania, nj, pa, bucks county, hunterdon county, jewelry, custom jewelry,earrings, heart motif - Earrings Jewelry