kim Mezick - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography
Ann Obrien Gonzales - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography

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  • collage, multi-media, abstract, semi-abstract, contemporary - Non-representational Mixed Media
  •  -
  • encaustic, wax, monotype, amelia currier, house, memory - Abstract Printmaking
  • Helen, Reddy,Helen Reddy, '70s, stage, performance, 1972, recording artist, singer, band leader , jazz, original ,country,photography, photography, collector prints, Balladeer, blue grass - Portrait Photography
  • contemporary abstract, acrylic painting, symbolism, spirituality - Abstract Painting
  • dog, greyhound - Animals Painting
  • jasper,silver amethyst,citrine, brooch - Brooches Jewelry
  • figurative conceptual painting oil canvas,political - Figurative Painting
  • monochromatic, greens - Abstract Painting
  • mixed media, friendship, inspirational, Irish quote -  Painting
  • landscape, dream - Abstract Painting
  • colored pencil, illustration -  Drawing
  • RE23 -  Drawing
  • contemporary abstract paintings,trees,portraits,tree portraits,Joy Kreves paintings,contemporary landscapes, tree rings,oxidized copper color - Figurative Painting
  • viola, mcavey, teichmann, romany, catamaran, sailing, sunset, chesapeake, bay, tropical, seascape, marine, vibrant  - Seascape Painting
  • Hidden Spring Designs,Guinan,Rob Matthews,matthews,garden art,furniture,mosaic,benches,tables,contemporary sculpture,modern sculpture,contemporary art,modern art,classic art,north san juan,san juan,california -  Sculpture
  • cavern, lights, acrylic, emily porter - Abstract Painting
  • forged steel, abstract sculpture,tabletop,don brehm - Abstract Sculpture
  • Venice, Italy, Gondola, Nancy Davidson -  Painting
  • clown - Abstract Photography