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  • Joerg Fraske - US
  • Denise Harris - US
  • Mary Edwards - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Brian Kiernan - US
  •  Not Your Mother's Pearls - US
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • Viem Leduc - DK
  • Pauline Fowler - UK

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  • Julia Nichols, paintings, oil paintings, landscapes,  colorful,  alaska - Landscape Painting
  • Glynis Chaffin-Tinglof, aerial landscapes, acrylic inks on canvas, - Landscape Painting
  • Digital, Collage, Mike Kelley - Abstract Digital Art
  • Contemplative,
Susanna Gallisdorfer,
Susanna Snodgrass,
Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer,
Morris Graves,
Morris Graves Foundation,
Piante Gallery,
Sewell Gallery,
Ren Brown Collection Gallery,
Redwoods Monastery,
Acrylic paint,
Semi abstract,
Color field,
Illuminated flower,
Woman artist,
California artist,
California North coast,
Humboldt County,
Art cards,
Greeting cards,
Keeping Vigil Press,
Self taught,
Intuitive painting,
Mrs Grossmanís Paper Company,
Andrea Grossman,
Asian style
- Color Field Painting
  • John Upton,color photograph,nature,Japan,Zen Temple,Buddhism - Figurative Photography
  • hole, head, earliest, understanding - Symbolism Painting
  • David Cicero,abstract, - Abstract Painting
  • Ambrotype -  Photography
  • cathy,rowe,catherine,cathy rowe,catherine rowe,pineapple,herb,garden,plant,plants,mark,post,garden marker,indicator,craft,wood - Decorative Wood
  • Marcus Cadman, Hand print artwork, Native American Art - Pop Art Painting
  • Ann-Mari Broman, americana, diner, coke, coke machine - Figurative Photography
  • Fortune Cookie, Carole Kaufmann, Carole Richard Kaufmann - Representational Mixed Media
  • jennifer o'connell, oconnell, jennifer oconnell, o'connell, Northampton, Easthampton, MA, USA, united states, oil, interior, representational painting, contemporary painting, perceptual painting, observation, perception, perceptual, observational, realism, realist, rooms, still life, painting, oil on canvas - Floral Painting
  • Longhorn steer, cow, animal, west, rangeland, red rocks, sagebrush -  Painting
  • key chain - Men's Jewelry
  • realistic pastel painting,susanmeyersinyai.com,susan sinyai,folly beach sc,sunrise over inlet,clouds,soft pastel painting,asheville artist,asheville nc artist,coastal art, low country art - Landscape Painting
  • jeanne kirby bruneau, plein air, tyme gallery plein air festival, grange estate havertown pa -  Painting
  • Encaustic, wax, painting, small, abstract, Julia Ris, Julie Ris - Abstract Painting
  • Chicago Water Tower, Allerton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, Tip Top Tap - Cityscape Painting
  • rosemarie bloch, ohio, space, moon, acrylic, planet, hubble, space, painting,round, contemporary, modern, abstract - Color Field Painting