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selected members worldwide

  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Fong Fai - US
  • Pamela Smith-Hudson - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK
  • Alan Perna - US
  • Ann Deutermann - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Cat Schwenk - US

Featured Members

  • butterfly,linda coulter,coulter,pastel,flowers - Landscape Painting
  • sunflower - Impressionism Painting
  • Sam Hall, realism, realistic, photorealism, photo-realism, landscape, seascape, rocks, mountains, snow, water, sea, Norway, Spitzbergen, Svalbard,  - Landscape Painting
  • Ink on Paper - Abstract Drawing
  • Paintings by Brian Kirk, figurative paintings, surrealistic paintings, realistic paintings, expressionist paintings, mixed media  - Figurative Drawing
  • Sunset With Birds - Landscape Painting
  • abstract, color field - Abstract Painting
  • Victoria Pendragon, painting, acrylic, words, star, confidence - Text based Painting
  • Tucson, Arizona, Desert, Southwest, Plein Air, Tortolita Mountains - Plein Air Painting
  • Happy, abstract, splash, juicy, mood painting - Abstract Painting
  • color photograph - Nature Photography
  • Jim Fetter, realistic,old sprinkling cans - Realism Painting
  • isabel, divine, brady, painting, oil, tree, landscape, yellow, autumn, spring, bold - Landscape Painting
  • Maine, Island, Rocks Holly smith -  Painting
  • lilian,keil,flight,nurse - Realism Painting
  •  - Figurative Painting
  • steph koufman, abstract, found object, mixed media, oil, wax - Abstract Painting
  • Richie Kessler, giclee, transform8tional art, HeartSun art, 1-Oneness - Conceptual Digital Art
  • Funerary - Bowls and Vessels Wood
  • Temptation, Seduction, Soul, Rip, Canvas, hell, red, fire, hot, tear, ghost,sensual - Expressionist Painting