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  • Kim Vallee, Kimberly Vallee, Kim, Vallee, Spirits, Spiritual, Dreams, Pride, Colored Pencil, Native, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Abstract Drawing
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  • Gordon,brown,pm,prime,minister,rape,burn,starving,cubist,surreal,portrait. - Political Painting
  • Sculptor,					  Abstract,
Sculpture,					       Icon,				
Artist,						       Monoliths,
Stone,						       Ancient,
Bergen County artist,			        
Swedish /American artist,			 
Sculptor Affiliates of the Art Center of NNJ
- Abstract Sculpture
  • william jaeger, wjaeger, william jaeger watercolor, wrjaeger watercolor, jaeger, jaeger watercolor, wjaeger painting, floral, flower, watercolor floral, watercolor flower, jaeger watercolor flower, wjaeger watercolor flower, impatiens, red impatiens - Floral Painting
  • Cast paper, plants, encaustic paint, photography, Debra Kaszovitz - Environmental Sculpture
  • Nina Nemeth, Nina Nemeth Art, acrylic, fluid acrylic, molding paste, c'aran d'ache, neo - pastel Landscpse Series,, mixed media, experimental water media. Painting, Drawing expressionistic,   vivid color,  impressionistic
Spring Trees - Landscape Painting
  • Jean Howard Paintings -  Painting