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  • Rosanne Kaloustian, Kaloustian art, Kaloustian paintings, oil paintings, oil portraits, portraits of the stars, hollywood portraits,musicians, trumpet, satchmo,hello dolly, portrait painter, illustrations,painting on masonite, painting on board - Portrait Painting
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Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer,
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Andrea Grossman,
Asian style
- Color Field Painting
  • watercolor, abstract - Abstract Painting
  • “racheli “,”hilai”, ”Israel” ,”New”, “Jersey”, “Tenafly”, “Bergen”, “paintings”, ”paper”,“water ,colors”,  ”figurative”, “conceptual”, “contemporary”, רחלי הילאי,קציר,ציור,צבעי מים,ערום,אשה ישנה,כחול,צהוב,נייר,2004,דמות,שוכבת,תנומה, - Figurative Painting
  • Pensive -
  • copper, wire, chain, bead, pearl, necklace, Julie, Hester-Lucas, ishnonn - Necklaces Jewelry
  • oil - Landscape Painting
  • Acrylic, Acrylic Inks - Abstract Painting
  • abstract,dark - Abstract Photography
  • Rose, Flower, Barbara Lawrence, Macro photography - Floral Photography
  • Ilinca Vlad, sterling, silver, silver, lampwork, lampworked, glass, one of a kind, art to wear, wearable art, necklace, vine, vines, harvest, late harvest -  Other
  • K. Madison moore,painting, nude, abstract nude, nude oil paintings, blue nudes, blue nude paintings, nudes, oil paintings,  nude paintings, womans body, women, woman, human figure, human form, nudes, nude, oils, nude oils.
- Figurative Painting
  • Mixed Media, Acrylic, Photo, Text
- Text based Painting
  • nancy wernersbach,wernersbach,oil,oils,oil painting,oil paintings,seascape,seascapes,ocean,beach,waves,long island,beaches,beach paintings,wave paintings,beach art,ocean art,wave art,seascape paintings,realistic art,realistic paintings,blue,green,teal,beige,white,yellow,cool colors,ocean colors,beach colors - Realism Painting
  • susan reed colors, susan reed, durango, colorado, new mexico, cortez -  Painting
  • clip earrings -
  • BrianCroft,art,artist,painting,history,heritage,BCER,Interurban,Jardine,Langley,British Columbia,Canada,streetcars, - Cityscape Painting
  •  - Landscape Painting
  • Ignacio Montano,imontano,oil on linen,surrealist,surrealist abstract figurative,terrestrial time,futuristic paintings,title holloween night las vegas mars,Amsterdam Whitney Gallery,  - Surrealism Painting