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  • Priscilla George - US

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  • realism, realist art, realism painting, city paintings, street paintings, new york city paintings, Bruce Braithwaite, contemporary realism, Central Park - Cityscape Painting
  • flower watercolors, abstract watercolors, williamsburg paintings, uconn paintings, colorful watercolors - Abstract Painting
  • landscape, oil - Landscape Painting
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  •  - Abstract Sculpture
  • colored pencil, illustration -  Drawing
  • deborah stevenson,stevenson,oils,oil paintings, painter,cityscapes,landscapes,skyscapes,urban landscapes,seattle,washington - Cityscape Painting
  • Killkenny, Ireland, door, castle door, digital photo - Architecture Photography
  • seascape, landscape, beach scene,oil painting -  Painting
  • emerging artist - Abstract Painting
  • Nantucket - Functional Fiber Art
  • lit, brothers, tweed,sparre, -  Photography
  • Abstract monotype - Abstract Printmaking
  • Selena Valenti, oil paintings, original art, unusual picture, surreal image, oil and acrylic on panel, surrealistic, vertical, symbolism, black, india ink, seascape, marine, fish, lionfish, underwater, blue, coral, figurative, abstract, spine, realism, photorealism, landscape, yellow, limited edition giclee on canvas, mixed media picture - Abstract Painting
  • Michael Hartwig, Cutchogue, Vineyard, Oil painting, north fork long island - Landscape Painting
  • Italy, San Giamignano, alley -  Photography
  • william jaeger, wjaeger, william jaeger watercolor, wrjaeger watercolor, jaeger, jaeger watercolor, wjaeger painting, floral, flower, watercolor floral, watercolor flower, jaeger watercolor flower, wjaeger watercolor flower, impatiens, red impatiens - Floral Painting
  • lone pine, riverside - Nature Photography
  • acrylic, wood, monsters, fantasy world, self-discovery, ego, study, monster-making, narrative, color, humor, series, story, hand-painted, painting - Fantasy Painting
  • paper, sculpture, fiber, neutral, nature, natural, unique, distinct - Abstract Sculpture