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  • oil and acrylic painting - Abstract Painting
  • Volklingerhutte, World Heritage Site, Nazi prisoner labor - Architecture Photography
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  • C. Michael Radford, photography, Southwestern Landscapes,
Anasazi Pueblo Ruins,
Ancient Architecture, 
Chaco Canyon,
Sacred Sites,
Rock Formations,
sunsets, desert, canyons, power spots, mystical,  entities, spiritual, magical areas around Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, and the surrounding Western States, minerals, stones, plants, animals, creatures, surreal,abstract - Abstract Photography
  • art -  Other
  • beach trunk, personal journey, ocean sea -  Photography
  • Nina Nemeth, Nina Nemeth Art, acrylic, fluid acrylic, molding paste, c'aran d'ache, neo - pastel Landscpse Series,, mixed media, experimental water media. Painting, Drawing expressionistic,   vivid color,  impressionistic
Spring Trees - Landscape Painting
  • Bucks County Landscape Painting, Cloud Painting, Peace Valley Nature Park Scene - Landscape Painting
  • planes, jets -  Photography
  • still life, chair, abstract, cubism - Still Life Painting
  • Digital Collage - Fantasy Digital Art
  • watercolor, dafodils, floral - Realism Painting
  • lilian,keil,flight,nurse - Realism Painting
  • encaustic, wax, monotype, amelia currier, house, memory - Abstract Printmaking
  • Untitled -
  • Contemporary Original Paintings, Floyd Alsbach, F .A. Alsbach, F. Alsbach, Alsbach, Floyd, mixed media, Aalsbach, contemporary, landscape, Missouri River Valley, MO, Missouri, painting, Floyd, Alsbach, art, artist, Missouri, artists, artwork, artworks, contemporary, oil painting, dynamic, original paintings, naturalism, fine, online, art, gallery, painting, painter, landscape, lucid, lucent, luminous, contemporary, Bright, Brilliant color, glowing color, realism, landscapes, mixed media, collage, abstract geometric, golden section, golden mean, composition, landscape, paintings, floyd anthony alsbach, oil paintings, portraiture, portrait, scene, artist websites, contemporary art, original artist - Landscape Painting
  • seascape, landscape, beach scene,oil painting -  Painting
  • Sharmon Davidson, Sharmon, Davidson, Jennings, artwork, artists, original, fine art, mixed media, mixed media art, mixed media artist, collage, collage artist, monotypes, painting, paintings, online art gallery, contemporary artist, contemporary, original art, original paintings, nature, plants, surrealism, surrealist art, spiritual art, spiritual, eco-spiritual, new age art, new age, symbolism, symbolist, visionary, colorful, Kentucky, Kentucky painter, Kentucky artist, U.S.A., watercolor, mandala -  Painting