Jennifer Rasmusson - Painting
Ed Derwent - Photography
Kimberly Taylor - Drawing
louise ingalls sturges - Photography

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  • David Hines - US
  • Michael McDevitt - US
  • Viem Leduc - DK

Featured Members

  • Marcus Cadman, Hand print artwork, Native American Art - Pop Art Painting
  • Acrylic on canvas - Landscape Painting
  • Rios, Santa Fe, car, delivery, firewood, interior of car, photography, reflections, shelley campbell bogaert, spaces, steering wheel, truck, wood -  Photography
  • Lynn Marinko Ruoff, USA, Color Photograph, Sedona, AZ, Arizona, Dusk Reflections, Motion, Fast Moving Water - Landscape Photography
  • Public art, bronze abstract sculpture, - Abstract Sculpture
  • flyfishing,acrylic,barbara,walter,painting,contemporary,landscape - Landscape Painting
  • toile wolf  -  Painting
  • Christmas, tree, decoration, lights, ornament, children, greeting, Santa, elf, goose -  Painting
  • Adoration, allegory,silhouette,Baroque painting - Figurative Photography
  • Jan Sasser, Landscape, Moonrise Scene - Landscape Painting
  • Catherine Roberts Leach, color photography, fine art photography, abstract photography, urban, Los Angeles, California, minimalist, minimalism, reflections - Abstract Photography
  • Cape Cod, Harbor, Boats - Genre Painting
  • water lily, pond, floral, water, blue, sky, reflections - Impressionism Painting
  • Bleichner, oil painting, tree composition, blue sky, clouds, muted gray, tan, sienna, visible brushstrokes, bare limbs - Landscape Painting
  • Snowscape - Landscape Painting
  • Abstract, southwest,cynthia huff,Taos, New Mexico, Taos New Mexico,  - Abstract Painting
  • Vivien Archer, Oil Seascape, rocky shore, Long Island, Bahamas
- Seascape Painting
  • photography - Abstract Photography
  • Norma Jean Moore, drawings, paintings, prints, complex color, layered, semi-abstract, ground, nature, expressive, Moore, norma moore, nj, njmoore - Abstract Painting
  • trees, abstract, orange -  Printmaking