kim Mezick - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography
Ann Obrien Gonzales - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography

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  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
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  • Susan Rider - US
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Cathy Berg - NL

Featured Members

  • Raymond Yeager, Ray Yeager, abstract symmetry, green, figure and ground, trees, abstract patterns, face, oil painting - Abstract Painting
  • Life Science, Eran Gilat - Still Life Photography
  • Sasha Bowles, Sacha Bowles, Sasha Bowels, Lady of the rocks -  Painting
  • photo, sand,beach, fence sunset - Landscape Photography
  • Catherine Wagner Minnery,charcoal,painting,landscape,Adirondacks, spiritual,painterly,drawings,cminnery, catherine, wagner, minnery, saratoga, saratoga springs, springs, university of cincinnati, cincinnati, ohio, new york state, mountains, streams, lands -  Drawing
  • art -  Other
  • James V Freeman, .Closet Still-life, Lancaster Pa, oil on panel, magic realism, surrealism, still
life, landscape, horn, denim shirt - Landscape Painting
  • Untitled -
  • Rollin Kocsis, Rollin, Kocsis, Memphis, painter,Tennessee artist, face,abstract,January,janus -  Printmaking
  • whimsical,bird,oil pastel,fantasy - Representational Mixed Media
  • James Terman photograph, dead trees, Mesa Verde National Park, Knife edge geologic formation, Colorado - Landscape Photography
  • alley - Cityscape Painting
  • Julie Ann Smith, still life painting, Mah Jongg, oriental, Japan, flower, painting,  - Still Life Painting
  • paper, sculpture, fiber, neutral, nature, natural, unique, distinct - Abstract Sculpture
  • nature - Nature Photography
  • Clouds, cloudscape, sunset, cactus, southwest, sky, western - Landscape Painting
  • Art Quilt  - Figurative Fiber Art
  • Kathy Daywalt, block print, relief print, linoleum cut, lino cut, black and white, contemporary, folk art, small edition, limited edition, artspan mermaid, mermaids, ukulele, nautical, marine - Figurative Printmaking
  • abstract, color field - Abstract Painting
  • David Mac Innes, Paintings, Abstract, contemporary pictures, Abstract paintings by David Mac Innes in acrylic, non-representational image, 
non- objective art,  -  Painting