Jennifer Rasmusson - Painting
Ed Derwent - Photography
Kimberly Taylor - Drawing
louise ingalls sturges - Photography

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Featured Members

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  • portrait, child, oil, painting, realism, full-length - Portrait Painting
  • painting, watercolor, landscape - Landscape Painting
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  • acadia national park, cadillac mountain,autumn, maine, marilyn parker - Landscape Painting
  • Lesta Frank, floral, magnolia - Floral Painting
  • Hot Air Balloon, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada, Digital, abstract - Abstract Photography
  • figurative conceptual painting oil canvas,political - Figurative Painting
  • Juan Cantavella, Portraits - Portrait Painting
  • quilt, art quilt, lucinda carlstrom, paper, piecework, map, large, commission - Cityscape Fiber Art
  • River, city,RCA Victor,Camden NJ,cityscape,JDWoods, - Urban Photography
  • Carole d'Inverno,
abstract, oil painting, textured, background, square format, bold shapes - Abstract Painting
  • african american art - Figurative Painting
  • plein air, Ojai, California, landscape, oil, impressionist, Ojai Land Conservancy -  Painting