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Featured Members

  • Gregory Gibson, Photograph, Black & White, Architecture, Landscape - Architecture Photography
  • mixed media, acrylic on canvas, abstract painting - Abstract Painting
  • oil painting, portrait, doll, jingu, japanese -  Painting
  • william jaeger, wjaeger, william jaeger watercolor, wrjaeger watercolor, jaeger, jaeger watercolor, wjaeger painting, floral, flower, watercolor floral, watercolor flower, jaeger watercolor flower, wjaeger watercolor flower, impatiens, red impatiens - Floral Painting
  • bronze, sculpture, bicycle, bird, eleen auvil, conceptual - Animals Sculpture
  • acrylic, landscape, painting, prairie, Calgary, Canada, landscape painting -  Painting
  • Dreamtime, detail -
  • Fall on Nantucket - Landscape Painting
  •  - Animals Photography
  • sunset, Acadia, Maine, landscape - Landscape Photography
  • Rose, embedded gold, Venetian, lampwork, swirls of rose, twist shapes, lampwork, vermeil, lotus ear wires  - Earrings Jewelry
  • ceramics, contemporary, sculpture, paper clay, decorative, low-fire, nina, dyer, artist, biomorphic, cycles  - Figurative Ceramics
  • Gear-Tween, Gears, Drawing, Pencil, Graphite, women in art -  Drawing
  • Gayle Lewis, southwest, landscape painting, ruin - Landscape Painting
  • Second Liners  - Pop Art Painting
  • impressionist, flowers, blue vase, palette knife - Impressionism Painting
  • narrative, figurative imagery on paper - Representational Mixed Media
  • mosaic, Carol Hegedus, Handmade Tile Studio, ceramic, colorful, southwest, indoors, outdoors, birds, flowers, cross, desert, coyote, roadrunner, saguaro - Animals Ceramics
  • 2012 Italian Statuario marble on Black Belgium base
The Donna Scultura 2012 exhibition,  Sant’ Agostino, Pietrasanta, Italy - Figurative Sculpture
  •  - Seascape Painting