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selected members worldwide

  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • Michela Mansuino - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Jody Kaiser - US
  • Alice Harrison - US
  • Janet Nelson - US
  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE

Featured Members

  • western, cpsa, colored pencil, painting, portrait, fence, wyoming, maura - Portrait Drawing
  • Gabriel Godfrey, contemporary, abstract, acrylic, painting, bright, colorful, brilliant, vivid, psychedelic, unique, sun, stars, sunflower - Abstract Painting
  • Pamela Krieger, Abstract Realism, Windows, print, monotype, contemporary, red, gray, grey, architecture - Abstract Printmaking
  •  - Wildlife Painting
  •  - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Donald Schoenleber, Buckingham, PA, Lambertville NJ,  -  Photography
  • whimsical, landscape, - Conceptual Painting
  • Ships, 
Sea, voyages, cargo, ships, 
belaying pins,
ships wheel
storms, fair winds, fair sailing, ballast, cargo, hold, crows nest,
Pirates, booty, gold, pearls, pottery, 
- Conceptual Painting
  • oxcart pictures, riding the bull home, zen buddhist art, michael morgulis, new buffalo graphics - Spiritual Printmaking
  • key chain - Men's Jewelry
  • Kim Vallee, Kimberly Vallee, Kim, Vallee, Spirits, Spiritual, Dreams, Pride, Colored Pencil, Native, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Abstract Drawing
  • Bonnie Clymer, harbor, seascape, Maine, boats, oil painting, Eastport, lobster boats - Genre Painting
  • still life,pepers,yellow, sunny,vegetables - Botanical Painting
  • Italy mural, landscapes, tuscan landscapes, murals, Italy scenes, Italian paintings, acrylic paintings, traditional, realism, nostalgic, Italian artwork, Missouri artists,  - Botanical Painting
  •  - Abstract Painting
  • drawing -  Drawing
  • Julie Ann Smith, still life painting, Mah Jongg, oriental, Japan, flower, painting,  - Still Life Painting
  •  -
  • field work, onions, imperial county - Photojournalism Photography
  • Julian Bennett-painting-contemporary-abstract-mixed media - Abstract Painting