kim Mezick - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography
Ann Obrien Gonzales - Painting
Haydee Yordan - Photography

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  • Elaine Ruettiger - US
  • Julie Hester-Lucas - UK
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • Patricia Butynski - US
  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Karen Bonanno - US
  • Anthony Suminski - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Jeff Love - US

Featured Members

  •  watercolor dramatic tree, Bet Shapiro   - Impressionism Painting
  • santa barbara court house bell tower, plein air, downtown Santa Barbara,  - Plein Air Painting
  • kim curinga, kcuringa, digital, photography,montage, collage, nudes, abstract, contemporary, prints, art, women, dark, current, issues, cracked, figurative, fine art, ochre, black, artwork, abuse, canvas, watercolor, paper, portrait, commission,  - Fine Art Digital Art
  • Kristin Gjerdset, gull skull, pencil - Animals Drawing
  • James Terman photograph, dead trees, Mesa Verde National Park, Knife edge geologic formation, Colorado - Landscape Photography
  • william noguera, william a. noguera,
fierce impulse, from the structured chaos series, acrylic and canvas on masonite panel, abstract, abstraction, action painting, contemporary, expressionism, expressionist, geometric abstraction, geometric assemblage, gestural abstraction, lyrical abstraction, modern, one of a kind, outsider art, painting, prison art, self-taught art, unique - Abstract Painting
  • carcass,cow,bull,ox,slaughter,meat,abattoir,Goya,still life,flesh - Still Life Painting
  • public art -  Sculpture
  • Black & White fine art Photography, Los Angeles, Freeways, Architecture,   - Architecture Photography
  • Laura Reed, Ireland, abstract, mixed media, collage painting, wall art, window.  - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Glenn Race, Photography, Editorial photography, Food photography, dessert  -  Photography
  • Circus, Circus of Tiny Invisibility, Benita Keller, Color Photography, Digital Photography, Follies, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, American Flag, Stars, New Orleans - Photojournalism Photography
  • art, clay ceramic - Decorative Ceramics
  • Ambrotype -  Photography
  • Fountains -  Painting
  • Longhorn steer, cow, animal, west, rangeland, red rocks, sagebrush -  Painting
  • watercolor,pen,ink,minnesota -  Painting
  •  - Earrings Jewelry
  • Judith Monroe, landscape, mixed media, photography,  assemblage, bird, nest,  shadow box -  Mixed Media
  • Denise Jaunsem, landscape, waterscape, river, rocks, creek, blue, turquoise,waterfall - Landscape Painting