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Focus on: Jewelers

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selected members worldwide

  • Len Rome - US
  • Hollie J Hilzinger - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Mary Mosblech - US
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE
  • Curtis Ripley - US
  • Laura Reed - US
  • Meredith Mullins - FR

Featured Members

  • silver, PMC, jewelry, pendant, gemstones, sculpture, necklace - Pendants Jewelry
  • old, dog, recycled - Figurative Sculpture
  • streetlamp,women,night,city - Cityscape Painting
  • beach, ocean, sea, gold, sunrise - Landscape Photography
  • landscape, abstract -  Painting
  • Cityscapes, Winston-Salem cityscape, NC artists, Cindy Taplin paintings - Cityscape Painting
  • gary postlethwait,photography,black & white,animals,arctic tern,bird,birds,nature - Animals Photography
  • Tucson, Arizona, Desert, Southwest, Plein Air, Tortolita Mountains - Plein Air Painting
  • Lisa Mahan - Plein Air Painting
  • Strassman, photo,straight photography,detail,shadow,abstract - Abstract Photography
  • figurative conceptual painting oil canvas,political - Figurative Painting
  • Killkenny, Ireland, door, castle door, digital photo - Architecture Photography
  • art -  Other
  • Deirdre Kline,Long Island, subtle colors, still life, peaches - Still Life Painting
  • Duluth, Spirit Mt., woods, trees, mystic, landscape, Minnesota, timber - Landscape Printmaking
  • KEUM BOO,GOLD,FINE SILVER - Earrings Jewelry
  • abstract, collage, acrylic, mixed media, new, deep canvas, canvas - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Franki Martin Designs - Necklaces Jewelry