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  - Painting
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Featured Members

  • van evan fuller - Nude Digital Art
  • Carole d'Inverno,
abstract, oil painting, textured, background, square format, bold shapes - Abstract Painting
  • Acrylic on canvas - Landscape Painting
  • landscape, sunset, Ann guidera-Matey, Lancaster County PA, farm, barn - Impressionism Painting
  • Natalie George, giclee, print, prints, lemons, lemon, still life, black, drama, fruit, oil painting, photorealism -  Painting
  • 1957, 57, Chevy, Belair, classic, car, 50's - Cityscape Painting
  • Funky -
  • monochromatic, greens - Abstract Painting
  • Venice, Italy, Gondola, Nancy Davidson -  Painting
  • painting, watercolor, landscape - Landscape Painting
  • landscape, abstract -  Painting
  • portrait,people,horse,quarter horse,colored pencil - Portrait Drawing
  • Landscape, Louisiana marsh, water, grasses, lily pads - Landscape Painting
  •  - Earrings Jewelry
  • Hand-formed paper, digital photography, collage, feathers, metallic cord, ginko leaves - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Birds, Hummingbird, Nature, Photography, Deborah Hajek -  Photography
  • Elaine C Dillingham, painting, acrylic, graffiti art, still life, strawberry, fruit, coffee, breakfast, metallic, pop art, panel, red, pink, pitcher, line, linear - Graffiti Painting
  • acrylic paint on canvas, stitching, metal frame+stand -  Painting
  • Alan White Music, Familiar Faces Studios, Kansas City Music Venue, Original Acoustic Music, Alan White, Penny Thieme-Custer photo, the gallery, overland park music venue, johnson county music and art venue -  Photography
  • Maria,Drawing,Colored pencil,Animals - Animals Drawing