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selected members worldwide

  • Bobbie Rafferty - US
  • ana victorson - US
  • Ah-young Jeon - US
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • Lee Goldberg - US
  • James Edward Scherbarth - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Dagmar Powitz - DE
  • Oliver Perry - UK

Featured Members

  • Michael Hallinan Acrylic Painting, Impressionist Tropical Landscape, Mexican Salsa, Tabasco, El Pato, Kitchen Art,Lime,Victoria - Still Life Painting
  • John wise, photographs, analog, manipulated, abstract, one-of-a-kind - Abstract Photography
  • seashore,beach,people,ocean,seagull,lifeguard,shoreline - Landscape Painting
  • laila carlsen, painting, landscape, seascape - Landscape Painting
  • painting of Faulkner, art of new orleans, grayce denoia bochak, grayce bochakart, pirates alley paintings, paintings of ghosts -  Illustration
  • Dana Kahan, black paint, acrylic, canvas, pink, poppy, multi colored, squirt, drip, mustard bottle, flower, flowers, four flowers - Botanical Painting
  • Art Quilt  - Figurative Fiber Art
  • Zig Priede mixed media, Zigmunds Priede Artwork, zig priede mixed media, zigmunds priede, mixed media, latvian-american artist Zigmunds Priede -  Mixed Media
  • sand dunes, sand, palm, palm trees, palms, New Smyrna Beach. sandy, Florida, coastal, dunes Florida landscape, coastal landscape, tropical, tropical landscape,sand, palm fronds, Florida art - Landscape Painting
  • Hand-formed paper, digital photography, collage, feathers, metallic cord, ginko leaves - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • butterfly,linda coulter,coulter,pastel,flowers - Landscape Painting
  • Peter Nichols, USA, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cheetah, Tanzania, African animals -  Photography
  • seascape, landscape, beach scene,oil painting -  Painting
  • Hannah Shook,shook,oil on canvas,contemporary art,contemporary,bold,intuitive,oil paintings,semi abstract,expressive,painterly,abstract,ward,colorado -  Painting
  • Surrealism - Abstract Photography
  • mixed media,collage,surrealistic,dreamlike,LeeGoldberg,art work,strong images,strong symbolism -  Mixed Media
  • beach trunk, personal journey, ocean sea -  Photography
  • Coxsackie, landscape photography, black and white photography, golf driving range, solitary - Urban Photography
  • Birds, crane
Holly Manneck
Floirda painting
acrylic animal
photograph and painting -  Painting
  • tomhughes,portrait,oil,figurative,nude -  Painting