Valerie Burke - Photography
krista marlene - Painting
Valerie Burke - Photography
George B. Trimitsis - Digital Art

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  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Mary Lea Bradley - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Jan Sasser - US
  • Kathy O'Leary - US
  • James Travers - US
  • Annika Bergl√∂f - SE
  • Oliver Perry - UK

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  • Seward, Marathon Mountain, Resurrection Bay - Landscape Photography
  • custom silks, fine art fabrics, cotton silk blend, apparel, draperies, interiors,  - Abstract Fiber Art
  • abstract painting, larry mckim, abstract art - Abstract Painting
  • Franki Martin Designs - Necklaces Jewelry
  • ring,jewelry,ruby,sterling silver,artisan,handmade,engagement,woman,wedding - Rings Jewelry
  • Annie O'Brien Gonzales,flower painting,floral painting,acrylic painting - Floral Painting
  • Contemplative,
Susanna Gallisdorfer,
Susanna Snodgrass,
Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer,
Morris Graves,
Morris Graves Foundation,
Piante Gallery,
Sewell Gallery,
Ren Brown Collection Gallery,
Redwoods Monastery,
Acrylic paint,
Semi abstract,
Color field,
Illuminated flower,
Woman artist,
California artist,
California North coast,
Humboldt County,
Art cards,
Greeting cards,
Keeping Vigil Press,
Self taught,
Intuitive painting,
Mrs Grossmanís Paper Company,
Andrea Grossman,
Asian style
- Color Field Painting
  • Big Painting Tree Landscape Pendant -
  • Window Seat -
  • DeRam,Rudolph,stone,adobe,pueblo,ruins,western,
widow - Architecture Photography
  • Katrynka Ink, painting, abstract, abstract watercolor painting, abstract painting, watercolor, yellow, pink, red, green, gorillas - Abstract Painting
  • Mo Gerngross, Abstract Art, Acrylic, Large Canvas, PHILADELPHIA, MUSE GALLERY, PAFA,  - Abstract Painting
  • tile mural, public art, mosaics, ceramics, mural, clay, wall art -  Mosaic
  • cicada - Pop Art Painting
  • Diana Saffo Bono,  Midwest Artist, Lake St. Louis Artist, Missouri, Mixed media, collage, 
Greece,  fishing, boats,  water, fun,  mykonos
pen and ink, watercolor, dock, boats, village, houses, water, something to remember Mykinos, interesting, unusual - Representational Mixed Media
  • Shelia Logan Designs, United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro, unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, gemstone, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, Lapis, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, necklace - Necklaces Jewelry
  •  - Genre Photography
  • Myles Cavanaugh,miles Cavanaugh, landscape,landscape artists,snow scene,impressionism,plein air,cityscape, oil painting, color,representational,spain,europe, fine art, other,decorative,non figurative, impressionism, new jersey, canvas,figurative,bucks county artist,oil painting - Figurative Painting
  • K. Madison moore,painting, nude, abstract nude, nude oil paintings, blue nudes, blue nude paintings, nudes, oil paintings,  nude paintings, womans body, women, woman, human figure, human form, nudes, nude, oils, nude oils.
- Figurative Painting
  • Wall mural - Photorealism Painting