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Featured Members

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  • saffro,figure,impressionistpainting -  Painting
  • Buffalo, Kentucky Lake, Barkley Lake, Land between the Lakes, the Trace Trail - Animals Photography
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  • Drummer . Paris Musical Venue, Bright colors. - Figurative Painting
  • watercolor painting, watercolor, floral - Floral Painting
  • Oil on canvas, Caroline Thompson, abstract, bold colors - Abstract Painting
  • Wilderness by Mary Edwards Watercolors, People Pets and Places You Love by Outer Banks artist Mary Edwards, - Landscape Painting
  •  -
  • Janice Wright, Denver, Colorado, acrylic, painting, fall, autumn, foothills, impressionist - Impressionism Painting
  • Surrealism - Surrealism Painting
  • grainlab,furniture, woodworking, tahle patton, eugene, seattle, spalted maple, walnut, modern furniture, northwest  -  Wood
  • mark davies, new york artist, new york sculpture, bronze sculptures, ceramic sculptures,pedestal sculptures, new york sculptor, ceramic sculpture - Abstract Sculpture
  • Susan Helbig, Denver, CO, abstraction, abstract art, abstract painting, mixed media, grid, landscape, orange, blue, contemporary, conceptual, acrylic, oil, ink - Abstract Painting