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  • Dagmar Powitz - DE
  • Marianna McDonald - US
  • christopher gulbin - US
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK
  • Lisa Ernst - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Laurinda Stockwell - US
  • Gayle Lewis - US

Featured Members

  • paper, sculpture, fiber, neutral, nature, natural, unique, distinct - Abstract Sculpture
  • Susan Helen Strok, colored pencil drawing, parrot in colored pencil - Animals Drawing
  • fractal art,abstract art,Rod Seeley art,digital art,contemporary - Abstract Digital Art
  • Lisa Mahan - Plein Air Painting
  • Karen Frattali, dogs, Jack Russell terrier, pastel, companion canine. - Animals Drawing
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Landscape Photography
  •  - Earrings Jewelry
  • B&W, still life, fan, guga millet -  Photography
  • Francisco Villagrán, bus series, oil on canvas, expressionist - Expressionist Painting
  • Judith Arnaud Gary,judith gary,gary,judy gary,sculpture,pottery,clay,organic,warm,ceramic,southwest,decorative,ceramics,clay,raku,handmade - Decorative Ceramics
  • Snowscape - Landscape Painting
  • Seward, Marathon Mountain, Resurrection Bay - Landscape Photography
  • Abstract Expressionist, black & white, grey -  Painting
  • cityscape - Cityscape Painting
  • Diane Stark Gronewold, Diane Gronewold,Minnesota artist, Anoka artist,pastel,pastel drawing,pastel painting,macro,floral,flowers,plants,nature,fluid,color,fine art,representational,realistic,surrealism,abstract,contemporary,close-up,vivid - Botanical Painting
  • pastel, architecture -  Painting
  • Maine, Island, Rocks Holly smith -  Painting
  • Michael Flicek, Sonoma, California, Vineyard, Photography, Fine Art, Contemporary, Photography - Landscape Photography
  • Marjorie Shaw Kubach, NJ >color embossing, non-objective, strong colors, silver-blue-maroon - Abstract Printmaking
  • Elaine Schaffner, Elaine Matt, Elaine, Milton, Massachusetts, watercolor painting, oil painting, ruralist, Iowa, farm, Maine, Spec Pond - Landscape Painting