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selected members worldwide

  • Viem Leduc - DK
  • Meredith Mullins - FR
  • Claire Bain - US
  • Diane Getler - US
  • Diana Saffo Bono - US
  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE
  • Fran McNamara - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Kathy Snow Stratton - US

Featured Members

  • colors - Abstract Painting
  • dennis salaty, acrylic, collage, surreal, bird - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • butterfly,linda coulter,coulter,pastel,flowers - Landscape Painting
  • Tamara Lee Clifford - Assemblage Sculpture
  • Nagasaki, pencil, paper, Japanese countryside, Buddhist temples, Richard Grassi, contemporary artwork, contemporary landscape, modern paintings, landscapes painting, watercolors, watercolor paint, Japan, abstract art, Kyushu, New Year's Day   - Landscape Painting
  • tidal creek,charleston,lowcountry,clouds,summer,sunlight,marsh,vegetation - Landscape Painting
  • spatial, abstract, internal - Conceptual Painting
  • david hilton,hiltonsart,giclee,print, landscape print,mountain print,utah print,big rock candy mountain print, desolate, barren,bare mountain,desert mountain print - Landscape Printmaking
  • Ambrotype -  Photography
  • Cape Cod, Harbor, Boats - Genre Painting
  • watercolor , portrait,
Portland Maine - Portrait Painting
  • diane getler, absttract, art, painting, oil paintings, artwork, image - Abstract Painting
  • mist, rise, hay, rolls, morning, nimrod, virginia, gouache, kesra, hoffman - Landscape Painting
  • Fortune Cookie, Carole Kaufmann, Carole Richard Kaufmann - Representational Mixed Media
  • Abstract - Abstract Painting
  • Cowboy, People, Portrait - Portrait Painting
  • Hot Air Balloon, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada, Digital, abstract - Abstract Photography
  • Chuck Slack, Chicago, Illinois, United States, illustration, caricature, music, musician, radio, rock n roll -  Illustration
  • San Juans, Silverton, Colorado, Kathi Eggers, mountains, breathtaking view, autumn, wonderful light, yellow, red, blue, pine trees, landscape - Landscape Painting
  • Fall on Nantucket - Landscape Painting