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  • Meredith Mullins - FR
  • Myra Fox - US

Featured Members

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  • Shelia Logan Designs, United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro, unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, gemstone, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, Lapis, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, necklace - Necklaces Jewelry
  • Seascape, abstraction, expressionist, oil, palette knife, palm trees, hooper, mary-louise, biasotti, mary-louise, mary-louise - Abstract Painting
  • Karen Peterson,wyoming, alaska, jack russel ,dog,brown,white,water,river, - Animals Painting
  • Lynda McClanahan, David Bowie - Pop Art Painting
  • Healthcare, hotels, corporate art, flowers, landscapes -  Photography
  • Landscape, Louisiana marsh, water, grasses, lily pads - Landscape Painting
  • Artists in Their Element Project -  Digital Art
  • abstract,green moody expressionism,expressionist,acrylic,rick angeloni,richard angeloni,angeloni, abstract,painting,abstract painting,fine art, art,abstract expressionist, American painting, contemporary painting,action painting,acrylic painting, moody painting,texture, nature, emotion,acrylic painting, oil painting,contemporary art,fine art,classic art,pennington,new jersey - Abstract Painting
  • felt, photography, handspun fiber,fiber art, art and science, lava, lavatube, volcanic mineral formations, mixed media - Symbolism Fiber Art
  • Joyce Bukofzer, Aurora, Colorado, Acrylic,Painting, Trees, Forest, Autumn, Nature, Fall - Landscape Painting
  • heather barron art - Figurative Painting