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selected members worldwide

  • Marzena Oberc-Habzda - US
  • Dagmar Powitz - DE
  • Diane de Grasse - US
  • Rochelle Dammel - US
  • Danielle Poling - US
  • Meredith Mullins - FR
  • Neil Crabb - UK
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • tracie stackhouse - US

Featured Members

  • portrait, oil on canvas, portrait, debbie scott, deborah scott, oil portrait - Portrait Painting
  • lone pine, riverside - Nature Photography
  • linoleum prints,hand pulled, original artwork,children,books,outdoors - Figurative Printmaking
  • Heather Miller, art, contemporary, plaster, texture, organic material, beauty - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • CynthiaJLee,CynthiaLee,Chicago,artist,abstract,expressionist,conceptual,science,biology,cellular,satellite -  Mixed Media
  • black capped chickadee, encaustic, landscape, trees - Animals Painting
  • chris darway,darway,metal, functional,lamps,functional lamps - Functional Metal
  • Sunset, clouds, landscape - Landscape Painting
  • Catherine Colangelo, Texas, fabric, textile, stitching, abstract, color -  Mixed Media
  • light, colors, seascape, landscape, blues and whites, ocean, peace, tranquility, beauty, nature, oil painting, peace, God, spiritual, Jesus, Holy Spirit - Impressionism Painting
  • window design, creative window, shop window, toy store windows -  Decorative
  • water lily, pond, floral, water, blue, sky, reflections - Impressionism Painting
  • andre, paolino, elbor, knee, shapes, light, shadow, black, white - Figurative Photography
  •  figurative painting, beached whale, -  Painting
  • Hannah Phelps, oil painting, landscape, Maine, impressionism, purple,  water, coast, outdoor painting, oil on canvas, contemporary, representational, seascape, waves, surf
- Seascape Painting
  • Buffalo, Kentucky Lake, Barkley Lake, Land between the Lakes, the Trace Trail - Animals Photography
  • Gene McInerney oil rural landscape - Realism Painting
  • Keith Pitman, New Mexico, photograph -  Photography
  • Marcus Cadman, Hand print artwork, Native American Art - Pop Art Painting
  • oil, painting, realism, representational, unpublished, surreal - Realism Painting