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Featured Members

  • James Truby, Winter Park, Florida, oil portrait on canvas - Figurative Painting
  • James Terman photograph, dead trees, Mesa Verde National Park, Knife edge geologic formation, Colorado - Landscape Photography
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  • Abstract, mixed media, Janet Wayte, Houston, TX - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • waterfall, nature, landscape, rocks - Landscape Photography
  • Missouri River, Missouri, River, Booneville, Bend in River, watercolour, watercolor, bluffs - Landscape Painting
  • Flower - Floral Painting
  • Beach Scene -  Photography
  •  -  Illustration
  • Rosanne Kaloustian, Kaloustian art, Kaloustian paintings, oil paintings, oil portraits, portraits of the stars, hollywood portraits,musicians, trumpet, satchmo,hello dolly, portrait painter, illustrations,painting on masonite, painting on board - Portrait Painting
  • Kauai, Kalalau, valley, Hawaii, Hawaiiana, afternoon, mountain, view, ocean, tropical, foliage, flora, pati o'neal, hawaii art, hawaii artist - Landscape Painting
  • abstract. yellow.purple.dream - Abstract Painting
  • Sculpture, metal, steel, welded, twisted, polished, abstract,  - Abstract Sculpture
  •  -  Jewelry
  • Abstract, Collage, vibrant ochres and reds, pattern and movement - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Cast paper, plants, encaustic paint, photography, Debra Kaszovitz - Environmental Sculpture
  • pencil, graphite, surrealism, trompe l'oeil, double, image, magnus. - Design Drawing
  • contemporary art, bird skeleton,
acrylic, vanitas -  Painting