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Focus on: Jewelers

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selected members worldwide

  • Viem Leduc - DK
  • Sarah-Lou Newman - UK
  • James Edward Scherbarth - US
  • Christine Knox - US
  • Annika Berglöf - SE
  • Gerald Stephan - US
  • Lynnda Tenpenny - US
  • Fealing Lin - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK

Featured Members

  • saffro,figure,impressionistpainting -  Painting
  • hole, head, earliest, understanding - Symbolism Painting
  • Karen, O'Brien, Karen O'Brien, Karen O'Brien Designs, jewelry, art jewelry, art, pendant, necklace, overlay, saw-pierced, pierced, sterling silver, patina, leather, snake chain, plant, leaves, branches, rectangle, rectangular, cut-out,  Austin, Texas. -  Jewelry
  • Nagasaki, pencil, paper, Japanese countryside, Buddhist temples, Richard Grassi, contemporary artwork, contemporary landscape, modern paintings, landscapes painting, watercolors, watercolor paint, Japan, abstract art, Kyushu, New Year's Day   - Landscape Painting
  • Rooster, Chicken, Poultry -  Painting
  • Connie Desaulniers,  3-dimensional painting, wildlife, birds, Michigan, sculptural, mixed media, Apoxie clay, acrylic - Representational Mixed Media
  •  -
  • Susan Ketcham, Pipersville, Bucks County, Pa., U.S.A., pastel, still life, representational, realistic, floral, pansies, colorful, atmospheric, PSA, Oriental, lace, Robin's egg,  -  Painting
  • cavern, lights, acrylic, emily porter - Abstract Painting
  • Kathy de Rosas, Oakland, California, Alameda County, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, John F. Kennedy University, Arts and Consciousness Program, master of fine arts, MFA, Berkeley, Installation Artist, Environment, Public Art, Earth Arts, Biological, Abstract, Artist, drawing, pencil, paint, sumi ink, conte crayon, acrylic paint, 2010 - Abstract Drawing
  • landscape, dream - Abstract Painting
  •  - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Oil, still life, fork, cupcakes, plate, green, yellow - Still Life Painting
  • crystal, necklace, orange, swarovski  - Necklaces Jewelry
  • figurative conceptual painting oil canvas,political - Figurative Painting
  • figure, fantasy, mystical - Figurative Sculpture
  • abstract, oil on paper, earthtones - Abstract Painting
  • Chris Schwimmer, abstract, collage, yellow, charcoal, blue, buff, cardboard - Abstract Painting
  • Inner Landscape, wooden, conceptual -  Wood
  • Watercolor of Pirates Alley, Pirate's Alley, Pirates Alley, watercolor painting of Pirates Alley,  Pirates Alley Painting, Pirates Alley art, Grayce Bochak, Grayce DeNoia Bochak, painting of pirates alley -  Illustration