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- Figurative Printmaking
  • sculpture, stone, travertine, marble, posey nelson - Abstract Sculpture
  • watercolor, dafodils, floral - Realism Painting
  • Laura Reed, Ireland, abstract, mixed media, collage painting, wall art, window.  - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • cathy,rowe,catherine,cathy rowe,catherine rowe,pineapple,herb,garden,plant,plants,mark,post,garden marker,indicator,craft,wood - Decorative Wood
  • Deirdre Kline,Long Island, subtle colors, still life, peaches - Still Life Painting
  • painting, abstract, Amalfi, Italy - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Norma Jean Moore, drawings, paintings, prints, complex color, layered, semi-abstract, ground, nature, expressive, Moore, norma moore, nj, njmoore - Abstract Painting
  • emerging artist - Abstract Painting
  • landscape, seascape, mordetsky, psychological, metaphor - Seascape Painting
  • Nuns, Dragons, Ottawa, Glebe, Rideau Canal -  Printmaking
  • clip earrings -
  • Dan Bennett,Jewelry,Gems,Belfast,Maine,Tourmaline,Amethyst,Fossil Ammonite,Aquamarine,Handmade,Handcrafted  - Necklaces Jewelry
  • drawing, bird,tina,mullen - Representational Mixed Media
  • sachiko quinn,quinn,sachiko,original batik art,fabric art,batik,fabric,silk,hand-painted,fiber arts -  Fiber Art
  • Windmill Photography,Windmill Art,Ernesto Beall - Landscape Photography
  • Sue Balch, Mixed Metals, Abstract - Abstract Painting
  •  -  Jewelry
  • Claudio Fornaro, Claudio Fornaro Interior Design, interior design in south florida, interior design in boca raton, furniture, furnishings and accedecorate, decorator, decor, home ssories, decor, new kitchen new baths, new flooring, new painting, home staging, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, granite top, vanity top, new toilet, rugs, -  Decorative
  • Wilensky Sculpture,  
figurative, 2011 -  Sculpture