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selected members worldwide

  • Stacey Pollard - US
  • Meredith Mullins - FR
  • Chung Ae Kim - US
  • Jennifer Duerwald - US
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Nancy Wernersbach - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Glenda Richardson - US

Featured Members

  • Nina Ozbey, Charlottesville, Virginia, bold, black and white, paper, abstact, aenergy - Expressionist Painting
  • oil, painting, landscape, impressionist, abstract, bold, ny, new york, - Landscape Painting
  • Angel -  Painting
  • painting, acrylic, fantasy, original, colorful,  - Fantasy Painting
  • water lily, pond, floral, water, blue, sky, reflections - Impressionism Painting
  • antique map stained glass, painted stained glass, bill osler, kim kurki, osler, kurki,  osler-kurki, stained glass, glass,leaded glass,architectural glass, art glass,decorative glass, osler-kurki studio,chart - Stained Glass Glass
  • Sally Stockhold,photo,Spark Gallery, Puccini, J.L. Long,Japanese,Japan,Geisha,American Naval officer,suicide,Opera,Cooper Union School of Art,hand painted, - Portrait Photography
  • computer art, psychadelic, Kansas city, graphic design, cool, contemporary, rock and roll, digital art, prints, Otis, SMFA, Overland Park,  - Surrealism Digital Art
  •  - Seascape Painting
  • Contemporary abstract painting illustrative of exotic latin flair, original art - Abstract Painting
  • Dodie Loewe, Cincinnati,  Impressionistic,Landscape,Oil Painting, Beach, Jetty, Coast.   - Impressionism Painting
  • old, dog, recycled - Figurative Sculpture
  • Brian Sesack, Black and White Fine Art Photography, Seaform, Conduit, Homewood Library, Pittsburgh, PA, Urban, Architecture - Architecture Photography
  • Barbara Kendrick, floral, bee, honeybee, poppy - Floral Painting
  • Fealing,watercolor,wildlife -  Painting
  • Alan Siegel, seascape, painting - Seascape Painting
  • watercolor, oriental, brown, green, abstract - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Abstract, mixed media, Janet Wayte, Houston, TX - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Marita Gentry, artist Marita Gentry, botanical painting, botanical, botanical of daisy, daisy, daisy painting by Marita Gentry. white daisy, pink back ground, flower, expressive floral, floral, expressive flower, pink, daisy floral,flower painting, floral painting, liquid acrylics painting, painting of daisy, painting of flower, painting by Marita Gentry, orange, yellow, pink,  -  Painting
  • nancy wernersbach,wernersbach,oil,oil painting,oil paintings,miniature painting,miniature art,small paintings,small art,small artwork,small artworks,small oil paintings,long island,new york, old westbury gardens,japanese maple,maple tree,red maple tree,red tree,maple trees,pond,lake,reflection,water,iris,yellow iris,spring,spring flowers,red,beige,yellow,green,blue,brown - Floral Painting