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  • Janice Pluma - US
  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Cathy Berg - NL
  • David Austin Clar - US
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Russell Smith - US
  • Diane Dale - US
  • Cindy Singletary - US
  • Julie Hester-Lucas - UK

Featured Members

  • STILL LIFE, REALISM - Still Life Painting
  • Duluth, Spirit Mt., woods, trees, mystic, landscape, Minnesota, timber - Landscape Printmaking
  • whimsical,bird,oil pastel,fantasy - Representational Mixed Media
  • Fealing,watercolor,wildlife -  Painting
  • donna cusano, donna cusano paintings, contemporary paintings, oil on canvas, still life, art deco imagery, fiestaware artwork,tea, sugar, lemon, beverage, food -  Painting
  • Leah K. Tomaino, Winter, Winter tree, snow covered tree -  Painting
  • fabric,fiber art,collaborative art,feminist art -  Mixed Media
  • Victoria, Marcellan, Allen, watercolor, painting, petunias, white, floral, flowers, garden, green - Floral Painting
  • Portrait, Customized - Portrait Painting
  • Patty Neal,New York, oil painting, beach, clouds, sky, sand dunes  - Landscape Painting
  • Lori Austill, painting, encaustic, abstract, neutral, beautiful, linear - Abstract Painting
  • linoleum prints,hand pulled, original artwork,children,books,outdoors - Figurative Printmaking
  • Carl, Ramsey, Los Angeles, painting, oil, contemporary art, fish, head, still life, V - Animals Painting
  • Bob Brown, textured, pallette knife, - Landscape Painting
  • fungus, lichen, oil painting - Botanical Painting
  • horse, sketch, pastel, western, study -  Drawing
  • lilian,keil,flight,nurse - Realism Painting
  • cavern, lights, acrylic, emily porter - Abstract Painting
  • fractal art,abstract art,Rod Seeley art,digital art,contemporary - Abstract Digital Art
  • George Trimitsis, Digital Painting, Digital Art, Inkjet Print on Canvas, Limited Edition - Abstract Digital Art