Yelena  Uger - Drawing
Eva M. Brown - Photography
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Stephen C. Layne - Sculpture

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Featured Members

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  • lie, relationship,abstruse, obscure, arcane, recherch, rarefied, recondite, abstract; enigmatic, inscrutable, cryptic, Delphic; complex, complicated, incomprehensible, opaque, impenetrable, mysterious. -  Painting
  • Abstract,original,marti lyttle,blue,spirals,shapes,painting -  Painting
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  • jewelry, Jane Zamost, earrings, sterling silver, beads, moonstone - Earrings Jewelry
  • Snowscape - Landscape Painting
  • Happy, abstract, splash, juicy, mood painting - Abstract Painting
  • Chuck Slack, Chicago, Illinois, United States, illustration, caricature, music, musician, radio, rock n roll -  Illustration
  • Circus, Circus of Tiny Invisibility, Benita Keller, Color Photography, Digital Photography, Follies, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, American Flag, Stars, New Orleans - Photojournalism Photography
  • Figure study, nude, torso, buttocks, legs, feet, horn - Nude Photography
  • Watercolor,nature,wildlife,birds - Wildlife Painting
  • giraffe, oxpecker, wildlife sculpture, Michelle Wright-Watson -  Sculpture
  • Carol Engles, abstract, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, blue, green, red, yellow - Abstract Painting
  • abstract. yellow.purple.dream - Abstract Painting