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  • Wolfers,Bat,Freiwald,Art,Pottery,Jean,Carries,L'ecole,Philippe,Wolfers,Art,Amphora,Bats,Vase,Style,1900,Jugendstil,Art,Nouveau,Gres,Faience - Figurative Ceramics
  • Myles Cavanaugh,miles Cavanaugh, landscape,landscape artists,snow scene,impressionism,plein air,cityscape, oil painting, color,representational,spain,europe, fine art, other,decorative,non figurative, impressionism, new jersey, canvas,figurative,bucks county artist,oil painting - Figurative Painting
  • monoprint - Abstract Printmaking
  • Acrylic Latex on Handmade Wood Panel finished with Epoxy Resin,
Urban, orange, abstract - Abstract Painting
  • Derwent, Chicago, photo, nature, frog, pond, animal - Animals Photography