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selected members worldwide

  • Viem Leduc - DK
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Laura Reed - US
  • Julie Hester-Lucas - UK
  • Elaine Matt Schaffner - US
  • Eric Palson - US
  • Scott H. McCreery - US
  • Margy Foertsch - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT

Featured Members

  • sunflower - Impressionism Painting
  • kinnebrew, scu;lpture, cast iron - Figurative Sculpture
  • Iacopo Pasquinelli,Iacopo,Pasquinelli, Jacopo,Jacapo,Gacomo,landscape,oil, paintings,realist,photorealist,  - Seascape Painting
  • California high desert, Lancaster, wildflowers, spring - Impressionism Painting
  •  -
  • Adoration, allegory,silhouette,Baroque painting - Figurative Photography
  • oil,floral,fruit,yellow,gold,blue -  Painting
  • Portrait, sill life, Jaki Santa Fe, -  Painting
  • Sculpture, Abstract Sculpture, Inspirational sculpture, Momumental sculpture - Abstract Sculpture
  • Andrew K. Currey, Hounds, Dogs, Animals,  Graphite on Paper, Saints, Irony - Animals Drawing
  • brian kiernan, kiernan, landscape painting, contemporary landscape painting,painterly landscape,brian,kiernan,art,artist,artists,artworks,hadley,massachusetts,landscape, landscape painting, brian kiernan, fine art, painting, oil painting, contemporary landscapes, expressionism, colorful landscapes, painter, mfa, painterly landscape, representational, realism, abstract landscape, oil on canvas, color, perceptual, observational, landscapes in oil, contemporary painting, contemporary, artwork, vermont, maine, new york, gallery wright, three graces gallery, shils, lewis, bailey, moss, chaet, quinn, concord art association, berkshire, adirondack,united states, galleries, young talent, oil paintings, landscapes, artist, representational painting, comtemporary painting, berkshire landscapes, bowery gallery, University of New Hampshire, plein air, observation, langdon quinn, stuart shils, large scale paintings, surface, texture, jennifer O'Connell, gallery wright, three graces gallery, figurative painting, oil on canvas, thick woods, vermont studio center, eastworks, northampton, adirondacks, realism, realist, rivers, amalgams, jennifer moses, william bailey, earth oceans space, neil welliver, ben frank moss, painterly realism, expressionist landscape, fictional landscape, large scale, studio, woods, rivers, roots, gritty, expressionism,fictional landscapes, colorful landscapes, abstract landscapes, massachusetts artist, painterly realism, massachusetts landscape - Landscape Painting
  • Abstract, Collage, vibrant ochres and reds, pattern and movement - Abstract Painting
  • buckle,sterling,rose,yellow,gold - Soldered Metal
  • contemporary, sculpture, soft, object, shadows - Biomorphic Sculpture
  • painting,  acrylic painting, tree, trees in winter   - Allegorical Painting
  • gas station,pump,hump,nonplace,non-place,non,place,night,moody,sad -  Painting
  • pathways, woods, black and white, sepia - Landscape Photography
  • Geoff Smith,sculpture,Maine,abstract,steel,wood,stone,contemporary sculpture,modern sculpture,abstract sculpture,abstract steel sculpture -  Sculpture
  • PMC, Fine Silver, Sworovski crystals, sterling silver - Necklaces Jewelry
  • aspens,mountains,tahoe,lake tahoe,fall color  - Landscape Painting