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Focus on: Jewelers

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selected members worldwide

  • Gayle O. Lee - US
  • Madeline Garrett - US
  • Susan Ketcham - US
  • Kathleen Schmitz - US
  • Jan Sasser - US
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE

Featured Members

  • Church of Atonement Quogue Trees sunlig -  Painting
  • red,blue -  Drawing
  • landscape, California - Landscape Painting
  • Classic Byzantine Chain Maille,Jewelry,Silver,Necklaces - Necklaces Jewelry
  • Kevin Boldenow,
black & white landscape photography, abstract photography - Seascape Photography
  •  - Abstract Sculpture
  • Catherine Roberts Leach, color photography, fine art photography, abstract photography, urban, Los Angeles, California, minimalist, minimalism, reflections - Abstract Photography
  • Denise Jaunsem, landscape, waterscape, river, rocks, creek, blue, turquoise,waterfall - Landscape Painting
  • mixed, media, board, paper, abstract, jeane, myers, she, questioned - Abstract Painting
  • hap reubens, hap reubens art, woodblock prints, woodblock print, woodblock prints of Mexico, original art Mexico, Mexican art prints, Mexican children playing, art children at play, children in Chapultepec, art print children, children in Chapultepec, children with balloons, Mexican children with balloons, original print of Mexican children, woodblock print Mexican children, woodblock print Mexico, woodblock print Chapultepec, hap reubens artist, art by hap reubens,
- Figurative Printmaking
  • landscape, acrylic, sunset, seascape, - Seascape Painting
  • Fall on Nantucket - Landscape Painting
  • jewelry, Jane Zamost, earrings, sterling silver, beads, moonstone - Earrings Jewelry
  • Collier, Verre, Murano, Ilinca, Vlad, Argent fin, argent, sterling, rouge -  Jewelry
  • jill, rockwell, metal, bead, art, victoria, british columbia, canada, jewelry, handmade, backyard beads -  Metal
  • cavern, lights, acrylic, emily porter - Abstract Painting
  • Portrait - Portrait Drawing
  • abstract mountain, abstract waterfall, sun, jimi Hendrix sculpture, jimi hendrix music, voodoo child, neil,creative, -  Sculpture
  • Oil Painting, Allegorical, flowers, animals, janet weaver - Allegorical Painting
  • Alan White Music, Familiar Faces Studios, Kansas City Music Venue, Original Acoustic Music, Alan White, Penny Thieme-Custer photo, the gallery, overland park music venue, johnson county music and art venue -  Photography