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selected members worldwide

  • Neil Crabb - UK
  • Carol Devereaux - US
  • Kimberly Shifflett - US
  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Bernard Teiling - US
  • Susanne Mueller-Baji - DE
  • Stephen C. Layne - US
  •  Gabe - US
  • Meredith Mullins - FR

Featured Members

  • Julian Bennett-painting-contemporary-abstract-mixed media - Abstract Painting
  • Lori Austill, painting, encaustic, abstract, neutral, beautiful, linear - Abstract Painting
  • red, brown, blue, abstract, expressive, abstract expressionism, abstract landscape, square, expressionism, abstract expressionism, layers, emerging, emerging artist, new mexico, santa fe, glossy, shiny - Abstract Painting
  • Tucson, Arizona, Desert, Southwest, Plein Air, Tortolita Mountains - Plein Air Painting
  • oil - Landscape Painting
  • The Artery -  Other
  • ceramics, contemporary, sculpture, paper clay, decorative, low-fire, nina, dyer, artist, biomorphic, cycles  - Figurative Ceramics
  • Dodie Loewe, Cincinnati,  Impressionistic,Landscape,Oil Painting, Beach, Jetty, Coast.   - Impressionism Painting
  • Art abstract paintings, Heidi Carlsen-Rogers, abstract paintings, painting abstract art, abstract painting, expressionism, abstract artists, abstract expressionism, abstract expressionism art, modern art, abstract expressionist artists, abstract art ideas,  painting, acrylic, contemporary art, modern art, textural, colorful, organic, atmospheric, botanical, landscape, peaceful, high contrast, dark, light, large, expressive, flowing, Arkansas, texture, color, interior design, architectural, abstract landscape, floral, abstract expressionist, expressionist, high contrast, bold, large, huge canvas, interior - Abstract Painting
  • Floyd Limbos, F. Limnos, Photographer, Photos, photo, picture, flowers, flower, nature photography, philadelphia flower show, blue flowers, blue and pink - Nature Photography
  • Hannah Shook,shook,oil on canvas,contemporary art,contemporary,bold,intuitive,oil paintings,semi abstract,expressive,painterly,abstract,ward,colorado -  Painting
  • annie sullivan, painting, oil, landscape, ballfield - Landscape Painting
  • Beth Ravitz, glass, fused glass, stained glass, stained and fused glass windows -  Glass
  • landscape - Landscape Painting
  • John wise, photographs, analog, manipulated, abstract, one-of-a-kind - Abstract Photography
  • Transcend, cast stone, steel -  Sculpture
  • Local Clay - Decorative Ceramics
  • Acrylic Latex on Handmade Wood Panel finished with Epoxy Resin,
Urban, orange, abstract - Abstract Painting
  • Figure study, nude, torso, buttocks, legs, feet, horn - Nude Photography
  •  Mac Stevenson, oil painting, prints, clouds, sky, mountains -  Painting