Yelena  Uger - Drawing
Eva M. Brown - Photography
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Stephen C. Layne - Sculpture

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  • Julie barbeau, irvine, california, united states, oil painting, oils, oil picture, pictures, canvas, still life, still lifes, shell, pink seashell, classical art, red, alizarin crimson, realism, classicism, naturalism, classical realism, table reflexion,  - Still Life Painting
  • Jim Fetter, realistic,old sprinkling cans - Realism Painting
  • Judith Arnaud Gary,judith gary,gary,judy gary,sculpture,pottery,clay,organic,warm,ceramic,southwest,decorative,ceramics,clay,raku,handmade - Decorative Ceramics
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  • Landscape, Louisiana marsh, water, grasses, lily pads - Landscape Painting
  • seashore,beach,people,
Jersey Shore - Figurative Painting
  • The Inner Eye -
  • sketch - Animals Drawing
  • landscape, realism, oil, clouds, green, yellow, trees. -  Painting
  • poetic imagery, spiritual themes, birds, wildlife, illustration, hand-colored print, inspired by travel, narrative content, dreamlike, whimsical, mysterious, symbolic, spiritual, line drawing, editioned prints, intaglio, etching, soft ground - Wildlife Printmaking
  •  - Abstract Painting
  • Tamara Lee Clifford - Assemblage Sculpture
  • Digital Print - Abstract Photography
  • John Bria, John R.W. Bria, John R. Whitton Bria, John Richard Whitton bria, Bria, Shawangunks, Landscapes in oil, Mohonk Mountain House, Mohonk Preserve - Landscape Painting