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Matt Flint - Painting

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Featured Members

  • acrylic, abstract, water - Abstract Painting
  • watercolor , portrait,
Portland Maine - Portrait Painting
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  • age, beauty, old, young, large, face -  Painting
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  • Snowy Owl,  Snowy Owl Striking Pose, White Snowy Owl  -  Painting
  • carol,
swann,swann,art,artists,artist,artwork,artworks,contemporary,original,oil,oils,painting,paintings,landscapes,landscape,Southwest - Landscape Painting
  • Pat Bardes, oil, southwest, doorway - Genre Painting
  • James V Freeman, .Closet Still-life, Lancaster Pa, oil on panel, magic realism, surrealism, still
life, landscape, horn, denim shirt - Landscape Painting
  • contemporary, abstract, dja, gallery, art, deborah, j, abbott, marietta, ohio, united states, american, america, sex, sexuality, nature, expressionist,paint,painting,painter,color,texture,design expressionism,color, artist,art,expressionist,expressionism,vibrant -  Painting
  •  - Earrings Jewelry
  • photos, acrylic - Cityscape Painting
  • mixed metal - Rings Jewelry
  • Joyce Bukofzer, Aurora, Colorado, Acrylic,Painting, Trees, Forest, Autumn, Nature, Fall - Landscape Painting
  • indoor sculpture, - Abstract Sculpture
  • landscape, oil - Landscape Painting
  • Judith Monroe, landscape, mixed media, photography,  assemblage, bird, nest,  shadow box -  Mixed Media
  • landscape, acrylic, sunset, seascape, - Seascape Painting