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selected members worldwide

  • Jose Mendes de Almeida - PT
  • Vladimir Holomek - CZ
  • Rosario Varela - US
  • Michael Norviel - US
  • Sharon Kerry-Harlan - US
  • Thyra Moore - US
  • Oliver Perry - UK
  • Pauline Fowler - UK
  • Lauren McGuier - US

Featured Members

  • Diane Green Hebert, Mask, Mythological, Goddess, Sculpture, Maine artist, contemporary, Kozo, Fibre, Soul, Natural, wall art, wall sculpture wall art for sale, decorating with wall art -  Sculpture
  •  - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • watercolor, oriental, brown, green, abstract - Non-representational Mixed Media
  • Scott Geyer, Contemporary, photorealism, realism, oil on canvas, abstract - Abstract Painting
  • DaleLerner,Lerner,sculpture,ceramics,figurative,contemporary,caricature - Figurative Sculpture
  • black and white photography, glicee prints, landscape prints, David Hines art  - Landscape Photography
  • david hilton,hiltonsart,giclee,print, landscape print,mountain print,utah print,big rock candy mountain print, desolate, barren,bare mountain,desert mountain print - Landscape Printmaking
  • Helen K. Beacham, Helen Beacham, Beacham, Beachman, Bachman, artist, Charleston artist, Summerville artist, Summerville, SC, Charleston, Low Country, Lowcountry, painting, art, artwork, contemporary, floral, flowers, flower painting, floral painting,
watercolor, watercolor painting, pen, pen & ink, pen and ink, tulips, tulip, tulip painting, vase, crystal, crystal vase, pink, pinks, blue, blues, green, greens, 
- Floral Painting
  • key chain - Men's Jewelry
  • Hans,Siig,Jewelry,necklace,silver,copper,red,coral,malachite -  Jewelry
  • drag, portrait, cigar - Representational Mixed Media
  • Margaret A Curnow calla lily painting,  Margartet A Curnow floral painting,  Margaret A Curnow yellow calla lily on blue background painting - Floral Painting
  • original art by joanna dur, painting, oil on canvas, graffiti, street, contemporary, dark, flow series, black, silver, order print, new -  Painting
  • Hannah Shook,shook,oil on canvas,contemporary art,contemporary,bold,intuitive,oil paintings,semi abstract,expressive,painterly,abstract,ward,colorado -  Painting
  • Gerlich photo,Jack Gerlich photography,J&K Gerlich Photographic Arts,fine art photography,color photography,sunflower,flower,floral,nature,summer - Floral Photography
  • Cityscapes, Winston-Salem cityscape, NC artists, Cindy Taplin paintings - Cityscape Painting
  • cementery, graveyard, blue, sunset, trees, landscape -  Photography
  • oil painting, daniel magoon,blue,prisoner - Figurative Painting
  • gillian horgan, ghorgan, shadows, Miami Beach, Florida - Architecture Photography