Yelena  Uger - Drawing
Eva M. Brown - Photography
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Stephen C. Layne - Sculpture

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  • cherry wood, wood, carve, chainsaw, sculpture, abstract, semi-abstract, laminated, pedestal,  - Abstract Sculpture
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  • American landscape -  Painting
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  • Hudson River -  Painting
  • Ambrotype -  Photography
  • Valerie Berkely, Wausau, Wisconsin, acrylic, painting, impasto, texture, warm, colors - Landscape Painting
  • B&W, still life, fan, guga millet -  Photography
  •  -
  • eels, chair, colored pencil, drawing, interior, Judith Orner Bruce, Bruce, eels at ease, still life, patterns - Still Life Drawing
  • vermont landscape  - Landscape Painting
  • Cityscapes, Winston-Salem cityscape, NC artists, Cindy Taplin paintings - Cityscape Painting
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  • David Cicero,abstract, - Abstract Painting
  • print, prints, silkscreen, abstract, abstract silkscreen, limited edition print - Abstract Printmaking
  • industrial,machinery,abstract - Urban Photography
  • planes, jets -  Photography