We invite you to contact any of our members directly....
let them tell you what they think of Artspan.

Here are a few testimonials received from members:
> Dayna Willard
I LOVE MY WEBSITE!!!! Artspan is the BEST!
> Louie Rochon
I just received a lucrative new commission directly from the web site, which resulted from a search that placed Artspan on the top of the search list. This, I believe was not by accident, understanding that it takes a lot of hard work on your part to accomplish this.
> Sandy Flood
Artspan has been an invaluable tool for marketing my work and I have made numerous contacts and sales through the site. Any artist who seriously wants to "live by the brush" would benefit greatly from becoming a part of Artspan!
> Laurie Pace
Over the past year it has made a tremendous difference in my total sales. I find on google and yahoo searches my personal ARTSPAN site is always at the top of the search engines. The ability to design a clean website from your templates is incredible; the finished site is professional and easy to navigate for visitors.
> Carol Engles
(Artspan websites) are professional, well designed and easy to use. A gallery in Washington D.C. is carrying my work now after discovering it first on Artspan. I also recently received a commission because of Artspan.
> Rob Nye
The California Arts League saw my work on the site and invited me to show my work. It was a resounding success..the organization's President bought one of my pieces on the spot... for more $ than I've ever made on a single piece to date! Being with Artspan has really paid off!!
> Rebecca Arko Moore
Your service has been excellent and I really appreciate a company that can get a quality website up and running in 24 hours. I will certainly refer your company to other artists.
> Pamela Larsson-Toscher
Just thought that you would like to know that the Polonaise Art Gallery in Woodstock VT contacted me a while ago. They had seen my paintings on our Artspan web site and we have just signed a contract for them to carry my work. Hopefully this will end up being a good match for the both of us. Thank you for doing such a good job.
> Lisa Dombek
Thank you for all your good work. According to website statistics page I have received hundreds of visitors since opening my site. I appreciate all the support information as well and am very happy to be a new member of the Artspan Community!
> Steve Kilbey
The site itself has been a big hit! Steve's thrilled with it, it's gotten lots of visitors, and we're getting sales. It's easy to work with and looks so very professional. Thanks! -Holly Jordan, agent for Steve Kilbey
> Louie Rochon
I know that I am getting a remarkable amount of people visiting and this site is an invaluable tool in my efforts to promote my work. I get many comments about the professional 'feeling' of the overall website, which only adds credibility. You are doing a great job of promoting us. I am very pleased with your services and recommend Artspan to all of my friends and gallery owners. Thanks again for all your hard work and results. I'm a committed customer.
> David Cicero
The site upgrades are in a word - terrific! I am proud to have been an early member and watch the changes and I intend to stay one for a very long time. I added about seven new paintings today (take a look) and am looking forward to directing my clients to the site.
> Stephen Layne
I have made valuable contacts as a member of artspan. It is always my pleasure to direct potential clients to this innovative, attractive site. The director, an artist himself, is sincerely interested in making this a professional tool for artists.
> Kathryn Abernathy
I've recommended Artspan to several people in my art community. If you need to send anyone my way for a recommendation, please do so. I sold 3 paintings 2 weeks ago after a man in Seattle saw my website. Then, last week, I was contacted by a local art gallery/showroom to see if I would be interested in selling thru their gallery. So - thanks for providing such an easy and inexpensive way to start an online presence!
> Melissa Gibson
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and patience. It's very refreshing to know that I can get prompt assistance when I need it, especially since this is the first website I've had. I was very leery about starting a website because I don't know that much about web hosting and updating web sites, but so far I'm very pleased and pleasantly surprised about my experience with Artspan. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!!!
> Melissa Pyle
Unexpected expansion is certainly what has happened since I began exhibiting my paintings with Artspan. Not only has making my new work readily available to current collectors and prospective clients been a plus, but my site is now available to those I would never have known about. In just over a year seven new galleries that found my work on Artspan have been added to my roster. Now my time is devoted to providing these galleries with what I want to paint and print.
> Anne Kirkwood
Artspan has taken the worry out of websites for me. Ever since I joined Artspan. I've been surprised to notice that my emails now include quite a few international galleries, the last one from Spain! I am impressed and excited by Artspan's reach. After experimenting with a number of art websites, I am finally, perfectly, at home.
> Lorrie Jones
I wanted to let you know that I just closed a deal on a portrait commission generated by the Artspan site. The clients called the site 'beautiful' a number of times.
> Arriba Stature
I picked Artspan because of how each person's art was displayed and how fast everything loaded. By the way I did sell a piece recently and Eric was very helpful.
> Chet Davis
I have been using my Artspan site for initial contacts with galleries and it has saved me time and money. I recently emailed my Artspan address to a University art department and after viewing the site they encouraged me to submit an application and just awarded me a one man exhibition next Spring. I also printed my Artspan address on my announcements for a show I had this summer. Many people at the well-attended reception told me they visited the site and came to the exhibit to see more of the real thing. I also had the best sales of any previous show. I have also had reputable galleries and online galleries extend invitations to me after they had visited Artspan. I have just upgraded to a professional site and I am quite pleased with how user friendly it is. It is a great art community!
> Rob Nye
I'm awfully pleased with Artspan and the work my Artspan site has brought me... an emerging artist. Since beginning with you, I've received over $12,000 in sales, have gotten several invitations to present my "Extractionist" painting style to fine arts organizations, and have landed what is turning out to be an excellent relationship with an East Coast gallery. I owe it all to the exposure I've received through Artspan. Thanks! -- also from Rob Nye.