Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

> What is an Artspan website?
We offer a platform for artists to design personal and professional websites. Each site has an easy to use control panel where the member can customize and control all aspects of their site. Members can upload images, create galleries, and post pages with any info they want.
> Who are Artspan members?
Painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, printmakers, fiber artists, ceramicists, mixed media artists, digital artists and more.
> Why do I need an Artspan website?
A website is essential to promoting your work. We provide our members with the simplest and lowest cost way to create a customized personal website. No computer expertise required! Artspan is also a major Internet art destination and you share in the traffic.
> Do I have to make my own website?
Artspan has been developed so all members can easily create their dream website. To begin: sign up, add your artwork and any other pages you require.
> How long will it take to get my website?
You can start building your site using your control panel. as soon as you sign up, and view your site online immediately.
> What types of design choices do I have?
Artspan offers over 100+ templated designs with many color variations, including a customizable design where you can choose different colors and fonts. You can change your design with a click of the mouse.
> How do I update/manage my website?
Your Artspan website comes with a user friendly control panel. Log in to your control panel using your username and password, and easily control all aspects of your site, including: homepage, artwork, galleries, design layouts, marketing tools, and more.
> How do I add art?
Enter the Images section on the control panel and click "add new image". Upload your image (minimum of 600 pixels, h or w), and the image will be automatically re-sized to show on your website. You can also choose to add a zoom feature, apply a watermark, and/or have the images appear in a slideshow.
> How do I decide what to put on my website?
Start by uploading images and then you can choose to separate them into different galleries. In addition to the image pages, add as many other pages as you like. Add text and images to these pages and format to suit. Default pages are CV/Bio, Artist Statement, and Contact, but you are completely free to do what you need to do to show your work in the best possible way.
> Can someone steal my images?
Any image you create has your copyright automatically. For any commercial exploitation under US and international copyright laws you are protected. Note that all images on the web have a very low resolution for print or other purposes. If you would like to add an extra level of protection, you can choose to have a watermark appear over your images.
> Can I post a video?
Members are able to upload videos to their text pages (as opposed to the Gallery section of the site). We support various file types, Quicktime, Shockwave, Real Media, Windows Media, Iframe, Flash, and HTML5 video. File size can be up to 25mb. If your video requires more space, you have the option to use 'embed' code from a video site such as Youtube or Vimeo.
> Can I see how many people visit my site?
Yes. You can see how many people are visiting your site, and from which countries, as well as which pages are being viewed, by accessing the Stats section in your control panel.
> Can people contact me through my site?
Yes, your site will have a contact page, so visitors can type a message directly to you without seeing your email address. You can add additional details such as address or phone if you so choose.
> Can I sell my art through my site?
Yes! Through your Artspan membership a fully integrated shopping cart is included.
> Will I be rewarded if I recommend Artspan to friends?
Yes!-- Artspan always gives a free month for any member when they recommend a new member. When the referral signs up they enter your name under "How did you find out about us." Artspan is proud to provide this affordable service and encourages you to recommend us to others.
> How do I sign up?
Visit and click the Join Us link at the top of the page for the simple online application. Sign up today and be online tonight!

Artspan Site Features FAQs

> How will visitors to Artspan find my site?
There are four main ways visitors access member sites: Original Art and Prints Shops, Searches and Directories.
> How do Searches work?
Enable your shopping cart to have your work show in the Artspan Shops searches. Buyers can search by Price, Category, Subject and Location and then further sort the results. Visitors can also search by keywords, for example, "blue sky." The results will be thumbnails of images whose keywords match "blue sky" and "blue" and "sky". Searches can be further defined by category (painting, photography, etc), medium (oil, print, etc) and subject (landscape, abstract, etc). Visitors also use drop-down menus to search. Members enter their own keywords and other search criteria for each image.
> What directories are members featured in?
The three main directories are the A-Z Directories, the Category Directories, and the Regional Directories. For example, if you are a nature photographer named Robert Black and live in New York, a thumbnail image of your work will appear above your name in the B Directory, in the Photography Directory, in the Nature Photography Directory, and in the New York Directory. Clicking on the image will bring an enlargement of the image and clicking on that enlargement will bring the visitor to your website. If you also show other types of work (e.g. landscape paintings) on your site, your work will also appear in the directories corresponding to those terms.
> What are the Artspan Portals?
Artspan currently has close to 30 portals, each containing information relating to a particular genre, category, or region. Portals feature articles, events, news, extensive lists of resources, and artwork linking to member sites.

Domain FAQs

> What is a domain name?
A domain name is the name of your website, e.g. or This is also called a URL or web address.
> Can I have a personal domain name?
Yes. We strongly recommend it. You can choose your own unique domain name as part of the Artspan application process. Please note: your domain name is your property and you are responsible for renewing it.
> What can I choose for a domain name?
Anything that is available. We suggest you use your name, as that is how most people will search for you. For example, or If RobertBlack is not available, try other variations such as RobertBlackArt, RobertBlackPhoto or RobertBlackStudio. Keep your domain name simple. It should be easy to remember and enter in the browser window.
> What if I already own a domain name?
No problem. You can easily redirect your current domain name to your Artspan website. Let us know what your existing domain name is by emailing us at or opening a ticket via the Help Desk. You will need to change your DNS (Domain Name Servers or Name Servers). Do this at the website of your current domain registrar.
The new DNS information you enter should be:
> Do I have to have a domain name?
No. You can have an Artspan subdomain, e.g. This is free (but again, we recommend your own unique domain - it is more professional and generally easier to remember and enter in the browser window).
> Do I get an email account with my domain?
Yes, as many as you like. Just tell the Help Desk.
> Do I have private WHOIS registration? What name will show on my domain’s WHOIS?
Yes. Each customer registering their domain through Artspan receives WHOIS privacy as the default setting. You will see Artspan listed in your domain’s WHOIS, which you can transfer if you ever decide to leave Artspan.

Pricing FAQs

> How much does it cost?
Artspan offers two full-featured website packages from $14.95 to 19.95/month. There is a 10% discount for annual payment: ($13.45 to 17.95 monthly cost). All the plans include website hosting and email accounts. See plans.
> How much is a domain name?
The cost per year is $15.89 if you choose to buy through Artspan. You can also purchase through another provider and assign it to your Artspan site.
> I already have a domain. What is the cost to use that domain?
If you a domain elsewhere, you can use that domain for your Artspan site at no cost.
> How much is a subdomain?
There is no charge to use a subdomain for your Artspan website.
> What is web hosting and how much is it?
Web hosts are companies that provide space on their server for clients to use. Artspan servers provide 99.98% server uptime. There is no extra charge for this or for hosting extra images and videos.
> How do I pay for an Artspan membership?
We accept Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards.
> Is my credit card information safe?
The security of your credit card and personal information is our maximum priority. We use advanced 128-bit SSL
encryption technology whenever sensitive information is updated or transmitted through our network. Rest assured, your information is guaranteed safe and secure with Artspan at all times. We are 100% compliant with all security requirements which we review on a regular basis.
> How can I cancel my Artspan Membership?
It's easy to do, no advance notice required. Just send our Help Desk a message and we will cancel your account immediately.

Prints-on-Demand FAQs

> What type of prints can I offer?
Your prints will be Archival Pigment prints created from high-resolution digital images, using the best quality ink and paper stock available. This process results in color resolution that far exceeds any other type of image printing.

Your prints will be generated on 8-color Epson 9600 ink jet printers. These printers are able to produce amazingly detailed prints of both works of fine art and photographs. For the ink, we use only Epson Ultrachrome ink, which is of archival quality. This guarantees you (and more importantly, your collectors!) a long-lasting museum quality work of art.
> What size prints can I offer?
Based on the proportions of the image uploaded we generate a range of possible sizes it can be printed at, from maximum to minimum. We make six size options available; you can offer the entire range of sizes or just some of them. You may choose to offer only smaller or larger sizes or you may just want to offer one size that you feel works best. The choice is yours. The smallest possible print dimensions are 5" X 6" (or 6" x 5") and the largest possible print dimensions are 35" X 35". Based on the dimensions of the image you upload, you will be able to offer up to 6 different size prints - Artspan will calculate the correct sizes for you.
> What size images do I need to upload?
Images should be JPG (our recommendation, file with a ".jpg" extension) or TIFF format (RGB color format only). We will also accept .png and .gif. Our system requires the image to be a minimum of 750 pixels x 900 pixels or 900 pixels x 750 pixels. We strongly recommend that you upload an original image (not enlarged) that is a minimum of 1500 pixels (height and width) to achieve a better quality print. Based on the dimensions of the image you upload, you will be able to offer up to 6 different size prints - Artspan will calculate the correct sizes for you. The available print sizes are proportional to the file size that you upload, so the larger the original file, the larger the available print sizes will be.
> How about image quality?
These have to be best quality:

a. We recommend a minimum of 1500 pixels for each side, but our system will accept 750 pixels x 900 pixels or 900 pixels x 750 pixels. Every image is reviewed for quality, no matter what the dimensions.
b. Image sides should be perpendicular to the top and bottom and parallel to each other.
c. Make sure there is no glare (i.e. remove any glass before photographing) , blurriness, borders or pixelation.
d. Colors should be accurate.
e. If you need to tweak your image file but do not have access to Photoshop, try using Photoshop Elements. Elements is a scaled down version of the full Photoshop (subscribe to for online tutorials).
f. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU ENLARGE THE IMAGE. This will result in your image becoming degraded when it is printed. When an image is enlarged, the program needs to guess the colors of the added pixels to the image, which results in a degradation of the overall quality of the image, and therefore the print.
> How do I send the images to you?
From the Control Panel's Main Menu, click on 'Detailed Upload' and make sure the "Enable Prints- on-Demand" is selected.
> How do I set the prices?
When you upload an image, you will enter a variety of info including price(s) and keywords for searches. The paper cost ( and mat and frame cost where applicable) are added on to the cost of the print.
> Am I the seller or is Artspan the seller?
The images are on your site, the visitor will buy on your site, and the shopping cart is yours only. You are the seller. You are responsible for any taxes due, and you must agree to an unconditional 7 (seven) day returns policy and refund any monies due under that policy. Artspan will process the order, and print, frame, and ship directly to the buyer.
> What about sales taxes?
You, as the seller, are responsible for the payment of any sales tax that may be due on all sales though your Artspan web site. Artspan offers some unique tools to make it easier for you if you chose to enable the shopping cart to sell originals and/or prints through Prints-on-Demand:

Inside the USA: Your shopping cart checkout will automatically calculate the sales tax for 7,000 tax jurisdictions in the US.
Outside the USA: Taxes for anywhere outside of the US would need to be entered manually during the shopping cart set up process.
All Sellers: Your Control Panel contains a Sales Tax Report within the E-Commerce section (E-Commerce > Reports). You may print this report whenever required. You are responsible for securing any additional documentation such as tax certificates, as well as paying the tax to the appropriate authority or authorities.
> How do I set the shipping costs?
Your customer will choose the shipping method and the cost will be automatically calculated.
> How do I handle returns?
Artspan guarantees all purchases from the Prints-On-Demand (POD) program with a 7-day money-back guarantee. We do not require that our members be responsible for the costs associated with this returns policy (such as print material, frames, mats, or shipping). You agree to pay any refunds due to Artspan for the asking price plus sales tax (if collected) within a 7 (seven) day period following the return of the item(s).
> What is my responsibility in dealing with buyers?
You will be responsible for contact with your buyers and agree to respond to any inquiries in a timely fashion.
> Will Artspan help if I have a dispute with a customer?
In the event of any dispute between you and the buyer regarding damaged items or other issues with buyers, you and the buyer may ask Artspan to mediate the dispute. If Artspan consents to do this, you agree to abide by any decision and/or recommendation(s) made by Artspan.
> How does the customer pay for a print?
Customers can pay with credit cards (all credit card data is secured by SSL encryption) or they can pay with a transfer from their PayPal account.
> How much of the print price do I get?
You get 100% of the price (except for credit card processing cost and/or a small commission to Artspan, only if applicable --- see below).
> Can I buy prints of my work to sell elsewhere?
Yes. This is a great way to buy museum-quality prints of your own artwork at a price that you set... in whatever sizes you need... whenever you need them!
> What are the costs for processing sales?
If you opt to use an Artspan integrated shopping cart and/or the prints-on-demand feature on your site, you agree to pay the credit card processing fee on any sales, but there is no commission from sales where the buyer goes directly to your website by typing in your domain name. If the buyer finds your website and work through or, then a 10% commission on sales will be applied.
> How do I know when I have sold a print?
When an order is placed for your work, you will be notified of the order via e-mail and within the "Messages" section of your Artspan Control Panel. It will list the print(s) that were sold, the sizes of the print(s), and your profit on the sale.
> When do I get paid?
All sales proceeds, net of the credit card processing fee and/or commission fee (if applicable), are credited to your account within a few days.