I was seeking a way to show my work to galleries, art consultants, designers and collectors. I searched the Internet for some time, but was disappointed with the quality of the art sites until I found artspan.com. With Artspan I feel that I am with a family of artists who share the same views as myself. Iā€™m proud to be a member of Artspan.

[Artspan websites] are professional, well designed and easy to use. A gallery in Washington D.C. is carrying my work now after discovering it first on Artspan. I also recently received a commission because of Artspan.

I LOVE MY WEBSITE!!!! Artspan is the BEST!

Artspan has been an invaluable tool for marketing my work and I have made numerous contacts and sales through the site. Any artist who seriously wants to "live by the brush" would benefit greatly from becoming a part of Artspan!

I just wanted to say that the redesign is fantastic. Everything, from the new icons to the new templates, is first class. I just changed my layout, added content, selected fonts, upgraded keywords ā€“ and it was all ridiculously easy ā€“ instantaneous gratification. I joined years ago, never regretted it, and now have even more reasons to be glad I did. Keep it up, and thank you.

Over the past year it has made a tremendous difference in my total sales. I find on Google and Yahoo searches my personal ARTSPAN site is always at the top of the search engines. The ability to design a clean website from your templates is incredible; the finished site is professional and easy to navigate for visitors.

Artspan has taken the worry out of websites for me. Ever since I joined Artspan. I've been surprised to notice that my emails now include quite a few international galleries, the last one from Spain! I am impressed and excited by Artspan's reach. After experimenting with a number of art websites, I am finally, perfectly, at home.

Great job on the new templates...I love my site!