March 2014 Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • Securing Your Personal Information
  • Current Improvements
  • New Articles
  • Promote Your Art with Southwest Art Magazine
  • Special Referrals Bonus
  • Featured Members: Kathleen Joffrion, Pauline Fowler, David Michael Hollander, Peggy Hinaekian, Charles Nikas


January 2014 Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • The Past Year and the New Year
  • Prints-on-Demand: Improving Image Quality
  • Special Referrals Bonus
  • Announcing the “Wow-Factor” Contest Winners
  • Sales Tax Explained
  • Featured Members: Michael Harrison, Lucy Graves-McVicker, Silvia Rutledge, Tom Heeter, Florence Moonan, Joy Barth, Libby Gilpatric


November 2013 Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • Multiple Image Upload
  • Simplified Website Pages Uploader
  • Email Marketing Stats
  • "Wow Factor" Competition
  • Featured Members: Catherine Roberts Leach, Gina Brezini, Ryan Hopkins, Donna Marsh


October 2013 Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • Holiday Season and Shopping Carts
  • Referrals Bonus
  • New! Email Marketing
  • This Fall and Beyond
  • New Jewelspan Resource and Sponsor for the new Jewelspan competition: Wubbers
  • New Articles within Best Business Practices and Articles by Jodi Walsh
  • Featured Members: Slover Wilson, Fukuko Harris, Laurie MacMillan, Ah-Young Jeon


Summer 2013 Artspan/Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • NEW! Shopping Cart & PoD Set Up Guides
  • New Articles within Best Business Practices and Articles by Jodi Walsh
  • Visual Language, An Artist a Day
  • Referrals Bonus
  • Featured Members: Claire Allain, Mary Jane Q Cross, Rhonda Dore, Susan Dyer, Madeline Garrett, Gregory Gibson, Patricia McCleery, Stephen Perloff, Jennifer Rasmusson, Lawal Said


June 2013 Artspan/Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • Social Media Settings - Did You Know?
  • New Articles and Collections
  • Introducing "Best Business Practices for Artists"
  • Referrals Bonus
  • Featured Members: Catherine Caulfield Russell and Laila Carlsen


May 2013 Artspan/Jewelspan Newsletter:

  • New Step-by-Step Guides
  • New Articles and Collections
  • A Business Plan for Artists
  • Facebook and Pinterest
  • Did You Know? A Better Homepage
  • Featured Websites: Debora Stewart and Penelope Przekop


 April 2013 Newsletter

  • Commission Change
  • Credit Card Processing Fees>
  • Change in Returns Policy
  • New: Artist Newsletter Template Added for Your Use
  • Important: Accurate Categories Must be Accurate
  • New Articles and Collections
  • Artists Charitable Fund
  • Featured Websites: Sheryl Pavony and Kelly Milukas

March 2013 Newsletter

  • In the Works
  • Instant Add to Gallery Feature (New)
  • New Collections and Articles
  • Facebook and Pinterest
  • Driving Traffic to Your Website
  • Referrals Bonus
  • Jewelspan Referrals
  • Make Sure Your Password is Secure
  • Featured Websites: Carl Ramsey and Blue Fire MacMahon


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