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December 2009 Newsletter

  • Prints-on-Demand Launch
  • Shopping Carts Revisited
  • Public Relations Initiative
  • Artspan Homepage Changes
  • Featured Member Sites: Paul Sierra & Cindy Petruccillo

November 2009 Newsletter

  • Prints-on-Demand
  • Server Move
  • Promoting Your Site
  • Referral Program Tip
  • Featured Member Sites: Jim Morgan & Lisa Renee Myers

October 2009 Newsletter

  • Better Quality Images for Your Website
  • Tech Developments this Past Month
  • Online Artist Seminars: Free Coupons for Artspan Members
  • Website Tip: Grouping Your Images Into Distinct Galleries
  • Featured Member Sites: Julie Fortenberry & Rudolf de Ram

September 2009 Newsletter

  • Keep Your Site Live
  • This Month
  • Website Tip: Click Through from Your Homepage
  • Problems with Galleries: One Thing You Can Do
  • Featured Member Sites: Cynthia McVay and Jeni Lee

Summer 2009 Newsletter

  • Summer Developments
  • Search Engine Rankings for your Website
  • Scam Warnings
  • Member News
  • Featured Member Sites: Cynthia McVay and Jeni Lee

June 2009 Newsletter

  • Shopping Carts Go Live
  • Upgrading Your PayPal Account
  • Keep Your Site Fresh
  • Member News
  • Featured Member Sites: Peter Ketchum and Maura Brennan

May 2009 Newsletter

  • Shopping Carts Changes
  • Other Developments
  • Artspan Member Marketing Tip: Making Buyers Feel Specials (by Cathy Harville)
  • Updating Your Billing Information (by Denise Glover)
  • Featured Member Sites: Brian Patrick Adams and Roderick Lyons

April 2009 Newsletter

  • Shopping Carts and Taxes
  • Site Management Tip: Shortcut for Adding New Artwork
  • Expired Domains
  • Finding Your Audience Online
  • Featured Member Sites: Janet Doroba & Simone Santi

March 2009 Newsletter

  • Current Events
  • Shopping Carts
  • Email and Help Desk Problems
  • Artspan, Contagious in a Good Way
  • Featured Member Sites: Kresimir Kopcic & Jennifer Burnett

February 2009 Newsletter

  • This Past Month
  • Domain Renewals Alert
  • Why 2008 Was a Good Year for Artists!(Nina Alvarez)
  • Artspan Marketing Tips for Artists
  • Site management tip: uploading images to website pages(by Nina Alvarez
  • Featured Member Sites: Cecile Baird & Nick Gonzalez

January 2009 Newsletter

  • The Coming Year
  • Looking Back at 2008
  • The Artspan Community
  • Marketing Your Work
  • Five Simple Steps for New Bloggers (by Nina Alvarez
  • Featured Artspan Websites: Kerst Cobain & E. E. McCollum