Dreams take hold and things go bump in the night in these night time paintings and photos. View dark artwork for sale below.

Double Fatality by David Hines
Double Fatality
David Hines
2207 Night Falls by Dannielle Mick
2207 Night Falls
Dannielle Mick
Oleanders by Laura J. Bennett
Laura J. Bennett
Keystone Hotel (bar detail) by Samuel Miller
Keystone Hotel (bar detail)
Samuel Miller
TV Blue by Samuel Miller
TV Blue
Samuel Miller
TOTEM for NIGHT SKY by Katherine Minott
Katherine Minott
3 Squares by Trevor Young
3 Squares
Trevor Young
grassx.jpg by Valerie Burke
Valerie Burke
Broken Soul by Ann-mari Broman
Broken Soul
Ann-mari Broman
Birds in Flight by Maura Brennan
Birds in Flight
Maura Brennan
The Wolf by Mattflint.com
The Wolf
70th St. East Antelope Valley by David Hines
70th St. East Antelope Valley
David Hines
Welding (Santa Rosa, New Mexico) by David Hines
Welding (Santa Rosa, New Mexico)
David Hines
Dark Building by David Wilcox
Dark Building
David Wilcox
Brugge Night by Chung Ae Kim
Brugge Night
Chung Ae Kim
Train Station - Starry Night by Judy Horowitz
Train Station - Starry Night
Judy Horowitz
2268 Darkness Falls by Dannielle Mick
2268 Darkness Falls
Dannielle Mick
Blue Moon, Leaf Mountain by Cynthia Tidler
Blue Moon, Leaf Mountain
Cynthia Tidler
Sunset Boulevard Neon by Maura Brennan
Sunset Boulevard Neon
Maura Brennan
Night Windows by Samuel Miller
Night Windows
Samuel Miller
Ghost by David Wilcox
David Wilcox
Stars & Boulevards by John Craig
Stars & Boulevards
John Craig
Brought to Light, Spain by Marilyn Canning Photography
Brought to Light, Spain
Marilyn Canning Photography
The Lighthouse (North Storm) by Charles Jos Biviano
The Lighthouse (North Storm)
Charles Jos Biviano
The Mother by John Craig
The Mother
John Craig
Introduction to the Pump by Trevor Young
Introduction to the Pump
Trevor Young
ATM by Trevor Young
Trevor Young
The Four Horses by Cynthia Tidler
The Four Horses
Cynthia Tidler