For the best in bovine art, check out these original cow paintings.

The Smithtown Bull by                 Patti Who?
The Smithtown Bull
Patti Who?
Lovers in Cornfield by Lynda Mcclanahan
Lovers in Cornfield
Lynda Mcclanahan
Bull by Pat Taylor Fine Art And Collectibles
Pat Taylor Fine Art And Collectibles
Adura Bull by Daniel Caspera
Adura Bull
Daniel Caspera
Longhorn by the Prickly Pear by Charles F. Mann
Longhorn by the Prickly Pear
Charles F. Mann
One Tired Cow by Randy Carden Fine Art
One Tired Cow
Randy Carden Fine Art
Outlier Cows by Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Outlier Cows
Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Bullish by Peg Grady
Peg Grady
Tampered Goods #3 by Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Tampered Goods #3
Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Mother and Child by Pauline Fowler Photography
Mother and Child
Pauline Fowler Photography
B and W by Paul Fletcher
B and W
Paul Fletcher
MY FAT COW by Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Listen by Julie Sola
Julie Sola
Last Cow, Last Light by Margena Burnett
Last Cow, Last Light
Margena Burnett
A Dandy Steer by Marsha Zavez
A Dandy Steer
Marsha Zavez
Big Deal by Julie Sola
Big Deal
Julie Sola
As the Sun Sets by Osburn Originals
As the Sun Sets
Osburn Originals
On the Farm Series by Barbara Walter
On the Farm Series
Barbara Walter
'Cruiserweight' by Pauline Fowler Photography
Pauline Fowler Photography
Blueberry Twist    (miniature painting of a rodeo bull) by Cynthia Sampson
"Blueberry Twist" (miniature painting of a rodeo bull)
Cynthia Sampson
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly   (rodeo bulls) by Cynthia Sampson
"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" (rodeo bulls)
Cynthia Sampson
Cow (detail) by Hetty Baiz
Cow (detail)
Hetty Baiz
Morning Graze, Nimrod, Virginia by Kesra Hoffman
Morning Graze, Nimrod, Virginia
Kesra Hoffman
Sacred Cow II by Phyllis Stapler
Sacred Cow II
Phyllis Stapler
Polled Hereford by Gregory Karas
Polled Hereford
Gregory Karas