Original paintings, drawings, and other original artwork for under $150.

Rose and Bougainvillea #1 by Maura Brennan
Rose and Bougainvillea #1
Maura Brennan
Osprey in Flight by Nancy Calcutt
Osprey in Flight
Nancy Calcutt
Impassioned by Lynn Edwards Art
Lynn Edwards Art
Galena Shadows by Jean Johnson Pechtel, Artist
Galena Shadows
Jean Johnson Pechtel, Artist
Peach Roses by Karen Ryan Fine Art
Peach Roses
Karen Ryan Fine Art
Pear by Karen Ryan Fine Art
Karen Ryan Fine Art
The Fragrance of Nectar by Karen Hansen
The Fragrance of Nectar
Karen Hansen
Brunello Vineyards, Montalcino by Dolores Cohen
Brunello Vineyards, Montalcino
Dolores Cohen
Smith by Agiaco Art
Agiaco Art
Joy by Jill See Fine Art
Jill See Fine Art
Bunny Slippers by Leslie Sealey
Bunny Slippers
Leslie Sealey
Havana Afternoon by Gary Friedman
Havana Afternoon
Gary Friedman
After the Storm by Ds Hamer Studio
After the Storm
Ds Hamer Studio
Road Trip through New Mexico by Leslie Kearns
Road Trip through New Mexico
Leslie Kearns
Queen of the Sea #139 by Bonny Hawley
Queen of the Sea #139
Bonny Hawley
Blue suede shoes by Peg Grady
Blue suede shoes
Peg Grady
Cool by Anne Bodnar
Anne Bodnar
Coming  by Anne Bodnar
Anne Bodnar
Fern by Tamara Poff
Tamara Poff
Denial by Tamara Poff
Tamara Poff
Untitled by Susan Gnaedinger
Susan Gnaedinger
The Rose Family by Brad Mclean Art
The Rose Family
Brad Mclean Art
Poolside Loungers by Alita Vanvliet
Poolside Loungers
Alita Vanvliet
Fault Line Farm at the 29 Palms Inn by Alita Vanvliet
Fault Line Farm at the 29 Palms Inn
Alita Vanvliet
The Collaborators by Norma Jean Moore
The Collaborators
Norma Jean Moore