Artspan member work takes flight with soaring depictions of our feathered friends.

Resplendence by Van Swearingen Photography
Van Swearingen Photography
Promise by
A Very Small Bird by
A Very Small Bird
Portrait of the Artist as a Bird - Evening Selcouth by D George Prisbe-przybysz
Portrait of the Artist as a Bird - Evening Selcouth
D George Prisbe-przybysz
Long Way Home by Minako Ota
Long Way Home
Minako Ota
In the Cornfield by Pauline Fowler Photography
In the Cornfield
Pauline Fowler Photography
The Prize by Dennis Salaty
The Prize
Dennis Salaty
The R by Dennis Salaty
The R
Dennis Salaty
Snow Hare by Phyllis Stapler
Snow Hare
Phyllis Stapler
The Shy Swan by Pauline Fowler Photography
The Shy Swan
Pauline Fowler Photography
Duet by Ishita Bandyo Art
Ishita Bandyo Art
Blue Heeler by Phyllis Stapler
Blue Heeler
Phyllis Stapler
Soaring Egret  by Lisa Ernst
Soaring Egret
Lisa Ernst
Wallpaper Crow in Green by Julie Sola
Wallpaper Crow in Green
Julie Sola
Hawk and Raven by Phyllis Stapler
Hawk and Raven
Phyllis Stapler
Raven by Judith Veeder
Judith Veeder
Sienna Bird by Judith Veeder
Sienna Bird
Judith Veeder
Western Bluebird by
Western Bluebird
49 through 57 by Tina Mullen @ Silverdog Studio
49 through 57
Tina Mullen @ Silverdog Studio
Flight Plans by Katherine Minott
Flight Plans
Katherine Minott
Droplets by Pauline Fowler Photography
Pauline Fowler Photography
Riddle by Laurinda Stockwell
Laurinda Stockwell
Owl in Snow by Laurinda Stockwell
Owl in Snow
Laurinda Stockwell
THE BIRD by Jane Troup
Jane Troup
The Traveler by David Wilcox
The Traveler
David Wilcox
The Landing by Judy Freidel
The Landing
Judy Freidel
Second Wife by Karen O'brien
Second Wife
Karen O'brien
Black-throated Mango by Beatrice Bork
Black-throated Mango
Beatrice Bork
THE OWL by Jane Troup
Jane Troup
Flicker Head by Laurinda Stockwell
Flicker Head
Laurinda Stockwell
Helping and Injured Friend'  Mix Medium,   by Leon White
"Helping and Injured Friend' Mix Medium,
Leon White
Peacock by Marissa Diamond
Marissa Diamond
Chicks Up by John Craig
Chicks Up
John Craig
Pantomime by Jennifer Rasmusson
Jennifer Rasmusson
Late season by Jennifer Rasmusson
Late season
Jennifer Rasmusson
Forest Guardian I.    Bronze Original, Artist Collection by Leon White
"Forest Guardian I." Bronze Original, Artist Collection
Leon White
Spring Arrivals by Bhat Boy
Spring Arrivals
Bhat Boy
Danse Macabre I by Minako Ota
Danse Macabre I
Minako Ota
ORANGE BIRD by Jane Troup
Jane Troup