"It is the time you have spent on your rose that makes her so important." Antoine de St. Exupery. Incorporate this beautiful flower into your home with paintings and photographs of roses.

Red Rose by Terri Meyers
Red Rose
Terri Meyers
Meadow Rose Art Tile by Joann Tomsche Studio
Meadow Rose Art Tile
Joann Tomsche Studio
Dune Roses art tile by Joann Tomsche Studio
Dune Roses art tile
Joann Tomsche Studio
Ole Ramblin' Rose by Jeremy Ashcraft - Thrutheshutter
Ole Ramblin' Rose
Jeremy Ashcraft - Thrutheshutter
Elizabeth by B E T H  V A R K A L A
Althea by The Art Of Will Hübscher
The Art Of Will Hübscher
Rose Red by Michelle De Metz
Rose Red
Michelle De Metz
Rose on Table by Chung Ae Kim
Rose on Table
Chung Ae Kim
Sweet Orange Roses by The Artistry House
Sweet Orange Roses
The Artistry House
Mason Rose by The Artistry House
Mason Rose
The Artistry House
Pale Pink Roses by Terri Meyers
Pale Pink Roses
Terri Meyers
Late Summer Rose by Lori Beth Katz
Late Summer Rose
Lori Beth Katz
The Orange Rose in the Cosmos by John Krautsack
"The Orange Rose in the Cosmos"
John Krautsack
yellow rose of Texas by Marisa Candaten
yellow rose of Texas
Marisa Candaten
Pink Rose by Robert Abriola
Pink Rose
Robert Abriola
Architectural Rose by Eva Gorski
Architectural Rose
Eva Gorski
Susan's Rose by Leslie Rock
Susan's Rose
Leslie Rock
Rose Waves by Heidi Wrage
Rose Waves
Heidi Wrage
White Rose by Laurinda Stockwell
White Rose
Laurinda Stockwell