Peaceful summer meadows, pastures and creeks.

summer shade by David Lidbetter Fine Art
summer shade
David Lidbetter Fine Art
A Summers Day by Phyllis Dobbyn Adams
A Summers Day
Phyllis Dobbyn Adams
Summer Hillside by Agiaco Art
Summer Hillside
Agiaco Art
Summer Dreams 1 by Danielle Poling
Summer Dreams 1
Danielle Poling
Summer Quiet by             Catherine Wagner Minnery
Summer Quiet
Catherine Wagner Minnery
Shades of Green by Tracy Baker-white
Shades of Green
Tracy Baker-white
Fields of August by Raymond Burns
Fields of August
Raymond Burns
Sun-Lit Silo by Jerry L. Gadd
Sun-Lit Silo
Jerry L. Gadd
Blooming Glen Farm Flowers by Cindy Ruenes Fine Art
Blooming Glen Farm Flowers
Cindy Ruenes Fine Art
Dry Summer by Joanne Bleichner
Dry Summer
Joanne Bleichner
Johnson Road Farm, Damascus MD by David Terrar
Johnson Road Farm, Damascus MD
David Terrar
Country Lane by Jane Alexandra Walsh
Country Lane
Jane Alexandra Walsh
Late June by Elnora Nokes
Late June
Elnora Nokes
Summer Pasture by Jerry L. Gadd
Summer Pasture
Jerry L. Gadd
before the summer rain by David Lidbetter Fine Art
before the summer rain
David Lidbetter Fine Art
One Fine Summer's Day by Josie Mendelsohn Art
One Fine Summer's Day
Josie Mendelsohn Art
The Range by Valerie Berkely
The Range
Valerie Berkely
Interior Journey by Aleta Gudelski
Interior Journey
Aleta Gudelski
Brush Creek by Zangascapes
Brush Creek
Easy Going by Billie Rae Busby
Easy Going
Billie Rae Busby
Summer Meadow by Frank Depietro
Summer Meadow
Frank Depietro
Road to Ballycastle by Tracy Baker-white
Road to Ballycastle
Tracy Baker-white
Late Summer Pastoral by Ann Candler
Late Summer Pastoral
Ann Candler
Summer Cool by Michal Barkai Art
Summer Cool
Michal Barkai Art
Severance Farm by Tom Stevens Fine Art
Severance Farm
Tom Stevens Fine Art
Landscape by Frank Depietro
Frank Depietro
Spring Storm by Sheila Delimont
Spring Storm
Sheila Delimont
High Noon Ranch by Marianne  V.  Kuhn
High Noon Ranch
Marianne V. Kuhn
Summer Fields by Raymond Burns
Summer Fields
Raymond Burns
Sunset: The Old Trail by Alex Rosenkreuz
Sunset: The Old Trail
Alex Rosenkreuz
Double Fan by M. Pia De Girolamo
Double Fan
M. Pia De Girolamo
Summer Hammock by Tara O'neill
Summer Hammock
Tara O'neill
Red Barn at Morning by Susan Sinyai
Red Barn at Morning
Susan Sinyai
Golden Summer Dusk by Michael Purvis
Golden Summer Dusk
Michael Purvis
Country Lane by Julie Barbeau
Country Lane
Julie Barbeau
Flickering Creek by Brian Kiernan
Flickering Creek
Brian Kiernan
Vreneli's Garden (a study) by Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Vreneli's Garden (a study)
Ron Hurst, Artist - Painter
Smoke Lake by  Jake Vandenbrink
Smoke Lake
Jake Vandenbrink
Summer Mountain Vista by Richard F. Liotta
Summer Mountain Vista
Richard F. Liotta
Hot and Hazy Summer by Elaine Matt Schaffner
Hot and Hazy Summer
Elaine Matt Schaffner
Pettingill farm by
Pettingill farm
Fields of Summer by Ethel Hills
Fields of Summer
Ethel Hills
'Midsummer Night's Dream by Michael Harrison
'Midsummer Night's Dream
Michael Harrison
Towards Sundown by Jennifer Cabaud Art
Towards Sundown
Jennifer Cabaud Art
Victor Field by Jeff Love
Victor Field
Jeff Love
A Crowd of Yellow by Annette Conniff
A Crowd of Yellow
Annette Conniff
Summertime by Rosemarie Bloch
Rosemarie Bloch
Summer Fields by Catherine Caulfield Russell
Summer Fields
Catherine Caulfield Russell
Tuscany Sunflowers 2 by Stefanie Silverman
Tuscany Sunflowers 2
Stefanie Silverman
Deep Summer by Curtis Ripley
Deep Summer
Curtis Ripley
Roadside Flowers by Richard F. Liotta
Roadside Flowers
Richard F. Liotta