Some of Artspan's female Mixed Media artists feature feminine artwork and paintings of women.

Joie de Vivre by Annette Delucia Lieblein
Joie de Vivre
Annette Delucia Lieblein
Summer by Karen O'brien
Karen O'brien
When I Close My Eyes I Hear the Committee by Darlene Mellein
When I Close My Eyes I Hear the Committee
Darlene Mellein
Beach Ride by Manneckart
Beach Ride
Traveler by Shannon Crider
Shannon Crider
Uncovered #2 by Eve Ozer
Uncovered #2
Eve Ozer
Classic by Manneckart
Attention to Detail by Deborah Stevenson
Attention to Detail
Deborah Stevenson
Back to the World by Christine Knox
Back to the World
Christine Knox
Finding Refuge by Peggi Habets
Finding Refuge
Peggi Habets
Be Nice by Deborah Stevenson
Be Nice
Deborah Stevenson
A Woman of Multi Cultures by Vivian Wenhuey Chen Paintings
A Woman of Multi Cultures
Vivian Wenhuey Chen Paintings