A California road trip with Artspan artists. Browse our collection of California-themed art for sale.

City People by Christine Schwimmer
City People
Christine Schwimmer
golden gate bridge by Marc Awodey
golden gate bridge
Marc Awodey
California Street - Morning by Hawk Oak Studios
California Street - Morning
Hawk Oak Studios
Cable Car (not for sale) by Andrew J. Morrison
Cable Car (not for sale)
Andrew J. Morrison
Wine Country Fall 4 by Duckhead Photography
Wine Country Fall 4
Duckhead Photography
Woman -  Route One, Big Sur by Marshall Swerman
Woman - Route One, Big Sur
Marshall Swerman
Big Sur by Marsha Goodman
Big Sur
Marsha Goodman
Santa Barbara Perseids by Onekiel Photography
Santa Barbara Perseids
Onekiel Photography
Big Sur Coast by Frank Weitzman
Big Sur Coast
Frank Weitzman
4 rows down by Jeffery Roth
4 rows down
Jeffery Roth
meander by Stacey Pollard
Stacey Pollard
Waking Up to the Day by Pat Calonne
Waking Up to the Day
Pat Calonne
Under the Bridge by David Bogart
Under the Bridge
David Bogart
Sing Hallelujiah by Peggy Sebera
Sing Hallelujiah
Peggy Sebera
Dry Creek Road by Hallie Strock
Dry Creek Road
Hallie Strock
Winter Vineyard II by Silvia Rutledge
Winter Vineyard II
Silvia Rutledge
Venice Beach by Nobee Kanayama
Venice Beach
Nobee Kanayama
Berkeley roofs by Tom Hughes Paintings
Berkeley roofs
Tom Hughes Paintings
Sara Lytle
Sunset San Francisco Bay by Kerima Swain Fine Art
Sunset San Francisco Bay
Kerima Swain Fine Art
Red Roofs by Soenke Fine Art
Red Roofs
Soenke Fine Art
Asian Rhythm III by Ana Victorson
Asian Rhythm III
Ana Victorson
Walk around the Lake by Joseph Vorgity
Walk around the Lake
Joseph Vorgity
Crossing the Market Street by Vincent Liu
Crossing the Market Street
Vincent Liu
Golden Glimmer by Alan Mazzetti
Golden Glimmer
Alan Mazzetti
UCSB Beach Trail by Sam Burke
UCSB Beach Trail
Sam Burke
Beyond Stillness by Shanna Bruschi Paintings
Beyond Stillness
Shanna Bruschi Paintings
West Coast by Maura Brennan
West Coast
Maura Brennan
Santa Cruz Island by Susan K. Guy
Santa Cruz Island
Susan K. Guy
Almost Spring by Bernice Gross
Almost Spring
Bernice Gross
Morning sun, Carmel by Tom Hughes Paintings
Morning sun, Carmel
Tom Hughes Paintings
East of Palmdale, CA by David Hines
East of Palmdale, CA
David Hines
Bouquet Cyn. Rd. Angeles National Forest, Dusk. by David Hines
Bouquet Cyn. Rd. Angeles National Forest, Dusk.
David Hines
Santa Barbara Rhapsodie by Gary Friedman
Santa Barbara Rhapsodie
Gary Friedman
La Jolla Cove Swimmer by Juan Flores
La Jolla Cove Swimmer
Juan Flores
Farming in Encinitas (Swamis)<br><font size=-1>2008</font> by Juan Flores
Farming in Encinitas (Swamis)
Juan Flores
Red Rocks to the North by David Dumo
Red Rocks to the North
David Dumo
Citi by Lynette Cook
Lynette Cook
Untitled by Daniel Caspera
Daniel Caspera
Blue and Gold by Laila Carlsen
Blue and Gold
Laila Carlsen
RedwoodRanch-Topas1 by Susan K. Guy
Susan K. Guy
Wave at emeryville marina by Prabin Badhia
Wave at emeryville marina
Prabin Badhia
Graffiti Palms by Maura Brennan
Graffiti Palms
Maura Brennan
Working at Sunrise by Elaine M. Bowers, Nws, Aws
Working at Sunrise
Elaine M. Bowers, Nws, Aws
Above the Vineyards - Bogle Winery by Elaine M. Bowers, Nws, Aws
Above the Vineyards - Bogle Winery
Elaine M. Bowers, Nws, Aws
barbershop#10 by Jodi Bonassi
Jodi Bonassi
REMEMBER by Lesli Bonanni Fine Art
Lesli Bonanni Fine Art
She Must Be Heading North by Susanne Belcher
She Must Be Heading North
Susanne Belcher
Mendocino Cove by Mary Beck
Mendocino Cove
Mary Beck
Memorial by Peter Bartczak
Peter Bartczak
Mrs. McCabe's Lament by Gerald (jerry) Barnes
Mrs. McCabe's Lament
Gerald (jerry) Barnes
Toy District - Morning by Carl Ramsey
Toy District - Morning
Carl Ramsey
Rialto by Carl Ramsey
Carl Ramsey
Road to Poppy View by Rosemary Bandes
Road to Poppy View
Rosemary Bandes
Road Home by Glynis C. Tinglof
Road Home
Glynis C. Tinglof