A journey through the year of artists featured on our Facebook page.

solstice of hope 1 by Scott Sample • Complete Works
solstice of hope 1
Scott Sample • Complete Works
Maze Flower by Catherine Colangelo
Maze Flower
Catherine Colangelo
Sproing! by V L Rees
V L Rees
Kansas Farm Circles #3 by Jean Howard
Kansas Farm Circles #3
Jean Howard
Blue creature by Tom Sarmo
Blue creature
Tom Sarmo
Paris 1998_2 by Walter Vosburgh Photography
Paris 1998_2
Walter Vosburgh Photography
Green Strata by David Friedman
Green Strata
David Friedman
Twilight at Dog Beach Del Mar by Juan Flores
Twilight at Dog Beach Del Mar
Juan Flores
Dappled by Mattflint.com
Winter Midnight by Jim Lively
Winter Midnight
Jim Lively
Gaze by Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart
Cache la Poudre (2013) by  J Hubbard Prints
Cache la Poudre (2013)
J Hubbard Prints
Aerial View of a city by Tejbir Singh
Aerial View of a city
Tejbir Singh
Sally's Girls by Gerald (jerry) Barnes
Sally's Girls
Gerald (jerry) Barnes
Sweet Orange Roses by The Artistry House
Sweet Orange Roses
The Artistry House
White Stag by Phyllis Stapler
White Stag
Phyllis Stapler
Red Raspberries by Lisa David
Red Raspberries
Lisa David
Raven by Judith Veeder
Judith Veeder
Dream Mirror, 2010 by Curtis Wright Gallery
Dream Mirror, 2010
Curtis Wright Gallery
Becoming One by Nancy Bossert
Becoming One
Nancy Bossert
First Flight by Susan Sorrell Hill
First Flight
Susan Sorrell Hill
any time now by David Lidbetter Fine Art
any time now
David Lidbetter Fine Art
Red Thought by Lori Stewart
Red Thought
Lori Stewart
Sweet Dreams by Deborah Stevenson
Sweet Dreams
Deborah Stevenson
Half Framed by The Art Of Will Hübscher
Half Framed
The Art Of Will Hübscher
The Garden by Kelly Burke
The Garden
Kelly Burke
White Peacock by Pauline Fowler Photography
White Peacock
Pauline Fowler Photography
Cache la Poudre (2013) by  J Hubbard Prints
Cache la Poudre (2013)
J Hubbard Prints