Getting piggy with it! Celebrating the Year of the Pig with Artspan artists.

The Simple Life by Leslie Sealey
The Simple Life
Leslie Sealey
Drunk and Disorderly by Kari Tirrell
Drunk and Disorderly
Kari Tirrell
Curious by Gregory Karas
Gregory Karas
Day 21 - Hairy Pig by Kathryn Wronski
Day 21 - Hairy Pig
Kathryn Wronski
Pensive sow by Gerald Heffernon
Pensive sow
Gerald Heffernon
Pig Eight by Steve Wagner
Pig Eight
Steve Wagner
Perlina the Petite Pig by Chroma Creatures
Perlina the Petite Pig
Chroma Creatures
Ivan by Kathryn Wronski
Kathryn Wronski
Zaftpig by Susan Read Cronin
Susan Read Cronin
Je pense donc je suis by Pauline Fowler Photography
"Je pense donc je suis"
Pauline Fowler Photography
Red River Hog by Pauline Fowler Photography
Red River Hog
Pauline Fowler Photography
Spotted Pig by Phyllis Stapler
Spotted Pig
Phyllis Stapler
All the Way Home by David Wilcox
All the Way Home
David Wilcox
Some Pig by Marcy Lansman
Some Pig
Marcy Lansman
Some Pig! by Barbara Chase
Some Pig!
Barbara Chase