Shop our selection of tree roots, trunk, branches and leaf painting art pieces. Winter, spring, summer, fall; tree wall art is great all year round.

River Birch II by Lisa Ernst
River Birch II
Lisa Ernst
Orange Leaf by Lisa Ernst
Orange Leaf
Lisa Ernst
River Leaves by Gloria E. Moses
River Leaves
Gloria E. Moses
Trees near the Sea by Kevin Marty
Trees near the Sea
Kevin Marty
Fall Trees #1 by Kat Crosby Art
Fall Trees #1
Kat Crosby Art
Strangler Fig Roots by Kristin Gjerdset
Strangler Fig Roots
Kristin Gjerdset
It's Complicated by Mary Mosblech
It's Complicated
Mary Mosblech
Radnor Snow II by Lisa Ernst
Radnor Snow II
Lisa Ernst