Richard Arfsten

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Abstract Sculpture - Cadre


Abstract sculpture -Cadre - maquette signifyes is a team that works together. This is a strong piece that would look wonderful enlarged and placed in front of the building of a large holding corporation. I made the maquette so the buyer could easily send it to a metal fabricator of their choosing to have the piece enlarged to the size appropriate for their needs. I design my maquettes with all single plane forms or elements. This means that all the elements can be enlarged and fabricated by using flat metal bent into the appropriate shapes and then welding each form together. By not using any compound curves I have eliminated the need to have the forms cast. This provides a huge savings in the cost to enlarge the piece. My process to create the maquette is called evaporative pattern casting. I glue lightweight foam blocks together, then bury them in sand. Molten metal is poured into the foam, burning out the foam and the metal takes its place. Of course it is not that easy because there are 50 reasons why the foam collapses in the sand and it might not work. It took me five years and hundreds of tries to understand these variables. This has to be done in a metal casting foundry and is very expensive to make one. On the average, after 20 years of doing this, I lose more than half of the designs because you only get one chance and the foam form is gone. The process is considered a black art in the casting industry. The facility where I did my casting has closed so I cannot make any more and the forms are too complex to reproduce as an edition. Since I am now 75 years old and there will not be any more made, these should be great investment pieces. They cannot be made by any other casting process. Price in the art world revolves around unique design style and availability to produce more. Once I die the cost will skyrocket when the smart people start buying up my pieces. I have been making these and building a library of maquettes for 20 years and have never really tried to sell them. Now I have retired and closed my other business and am offering them for sale. Maquette size: 12"H x 14"W x 10" D The price shown is for the maquette only. The rights to enlarge the piece are available, but are NOT included in the sale price of the maquette. In order to enlarge the piece, the buyer enters into a contract with me and a fabricator of their choosing, and assumes financial responsibility for all enlargement and installation costs. I would be paid an additional design fee, based on a percentage of the total cost of the enlargement (similar to the practice used by architects). Please contact me for further information regarding enlargement.
12.00" h x 14.00" w
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