Judi Forney Art

Love's Ripple Effect

Love's Ripple Effect, 20x24, Private Collection

I was meditating one day and during my meditation, this image surfaced. I thought how nice, but didn't focus on it and continued meditating. I'm finished meditating and off I go into the hectic activity of life and really not thinking of the heart image but I guess spirit had other plans because every time I went to do something, flash, there was the image, driving down the street, working in the garden, well, you get the picture. It seemed that spirit had placed a "rush" order to get this painting done and I hadn't realized it. I quickly completed the painting, it was a pretty simple image really, however, the message is profound, our love ripples out from the center of us and has impact on everyone around us, so keep sending out the ripples of love everywhere you can.

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