Lori Remmel: artist

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Birds Are (Made of Rainbows)

Lori Remmel: artist Lori Remmel: artist


ABOUT MADE OF RAINBOWS SERIES My series, MADE OF RAINBOWS, encompasses the transcendental philosophy that we are all bound by a life-force and the belief that the most important reality is what is sensed or what is intuitive. Rational thought tells me that everything in the world is made of science, and can be explained, but I think there’s a little magic in the mix. The natural world of living things is a symphony of similar, cohesive and co-existing elements. I believe that we are all linked by this quantum mixture of energy and information that exists everywhere in nature. This cosmic energy of connectivity has manifested itself in my work, as rainbows. It is my hope that we can all start to treat all living things and our earth with complete compassion, love, and respect. I created these works by collaging found ephemera like wallpaper, gold duct tape, string, fabric, and lace to wooden panels, applying a photographic acrylic transfer of my own photographed subjects, and then covering with a few layers of art goops (varnish, water, resin, paint, paint chips, gold spray paint, and wood stain). We are tree. Tree is me. I am horse. Horse is universe. This piece was purchased for a collection and resides in Brooklyn, NY.
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