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Noah's Ark Mola Religious Bible Church Kunas San Blas Panama #444

Rita Smith Molas Gallery Rita Smith Molas Gallery


God told Noah to build an ark for him and his family in preparation for a catastrophic flood that would destroy every living thing on earth. God instructed Noah to bring into the ark 2 of all living creatures, male, female, along with every kind of food to be store for the animals. Noah's Ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat, The Dove was sent out to see if the waters were abated from of the earth and God set the Rainbow in the clouds, the promise of God that never again there will be a flood to destroy the earth. God's purpose in the flood was not to destroy people, but to destroy wickedness and sin. Mola Size 15.5" x 13.5", 3-4 layers, in a red background this piece is authentic and genuine.
15.50" h x 13.50" w
Original piece is unavailable here.

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