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Love Letter

       D a r a       O s h i n       D a r a O s h i n


“Love Letter” is an ink drawing of two people kissing in a leaning embrace. Their genderless bodies blend into one another to the extent that the longer you look at them you can begin to perceive different positions and lose which parts belong to which person. I purposefully made the figures a bit ambiguous to allow for a shifting perspective. Are they leaning forward or backward? We often think we know what we are seeing but after looking deeper into something, with a willingness, our perceptions can change.

I drew the image on high quality Fabriano stationary, the kind one might use for a wedding invitation. I sewed the stationary to an envelope that I sheathed in sheer black fabric that obscures the envelope and makes it difficult to see what lies underneath. One must reach out and physically turn the piece over to discover it is an envelope addressed “To: My Love, Wherever you are” and “From: Your Love, Forever”. It reminds us of people displaced and separated yet their love remains. There is a postage stamp with a heart. The message seems to be simply about love but, like most things in life, there is often more to the story than meets the eye.

I chose a delicate, sheer fabric and stitched it to the envelope, dressing it and obscuring it at the same time. It is an intimate fabric and can be dually alluring and obscuring. The sewing is done by hand and is imperfect exposing the human interaction and participation. The thread that connects the drawing of the couple to the support or the envelope is red like love and blood and passion. A torn and tattered piece of wedding dress satin, a symbol of a shared fate, unity, commitment and hope, that has been braided and knotted and attached to the envelope by a red thread.

Created for the Marked Urgent exhibition at Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

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