Lori Remmel: artist

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Universal Child

Lori Remmel: artist Lori Remmel: artist


It may appear as if my works are thrown together by chance. In actuality, I’m very selective and thoughtful about their execution in terms of design, concept, and energy. I like to create a feeling of movement and energy using static materials. If an area gets too stuffy looking, I breathe some air into the space with white house paint. I want them to appear effortlessly energetic, the pieces bound together by some sort of magnetism, each toner snippet acts independently but follows the laws of the universe onto which they’ve been transferred. Sometimes the world is so beautiful and terrifying that I want to preserve it in me forever. I want to ingest it and own it and have it; control it. I’m greedy for it. When I work I try to see the world anew, reinventing and exposing the cracks that shift the perception of our world, both in intimate and expansive contexts. My series, Bodies, examines bodies, celestial and corporeal, and speaks to our relationship with space in terms of our local environment, as well as space, a chaotic collection of matter, which has nestled us inside her. It’s about everything significant and insignificant all at once. It explores the give and take between humans and environment and our desire to control or tame. We shape nature, and nature shapes us. These works are toner transfers of my own photography, paired with images recorded by the Hubble telescope, often many layers visible at once. The act of me manipulating fragmented photographs of my world, mimics, on a smaller scale, what we do to our environments.
48.00" h x 36.00" w x 3.00" d
Weight: 10.00 lb
Original piece:

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