Heather Lara

Elusive 2

Here is the long awaited sequel to one of my most popular pieces, Elusive. This is a clouded leopard named Tate who was a resident at the Exotic Feline Breeding Center in Rosamond, California. These cats are not a species easily found in captivity or on the wild because they are so reclusive. Their exact numbers aren't known but their natural habitat overlaps with that of the snow leopard and they're endangered by poachers for their fur and habitat loss. As they're mostly tree dwellers, they're gifted with a long thick tail for balance and stout thick legs and large paws for climbing and perching. They are often called the modern day saber-tooth because of their extremely long canines, the longest in the cat family in proportion to body size. This picture is six years in the making and by far my favorite creation. As an artist it's terrifying to push boundaries and try something new, (hence the six years - much of it spent collecting dust in my studio). I cannot even tally how many hours went into creating this piece but it's 3 feet tall and 95% of this board has been scratched over and over and over again. Hint: If you carefully look you might find a few critters besides the cat!

36" x 24"
Scratchboard and Ink
Original Artwork SOLD

My recommendations for the best quality print are the Premium Archival matte or the Hahemuehle Photo Rag 308. I don't recommend canvas for my artwork as it tends to lose some of the minute detail that the technique scratchboard allows me to create and the colors aren't as vivid.

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