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The Baron's Late Night Walk

The Baron's Late Night Walk

Under the glow of street lamps and heavy evening mist ,
The Baron's late night walk he never can resist .
The distant clack of shod hooves on brick and cobblestone ,
He treads slowly with his thoughts as he walks all alone .
For a time he seeks to free himself ,
from his bonds , his things , and even wealth .
The fortress of granite walls and towers he leaves behind ,
And escapes for just a short while to ease his troubled mind .
His whole life he's been imprisoned by things that were his father's things ,
Living by the sayings and ways of ancestors' past that clipped his wings .
He knows he must change as he walks through the night ,
He knows not yet how but he must try with all his might .
What good has he done with all that he now owns ,
He sits inside all day as he shivers and groans .
There in the alleyways are the decrepid and poor ,
It bothers him so that it eats at his core .
Why do I pass by them as if they're not there .....
Am I just so afraid to show that I care ?
Perhaps I can help them to see the right way ,
To greet them and teach them while it is yet day ?!!
I will break off these shackles and walk in the sun .....
And shower them with truth and hope until the work's done .

Dale Robert Hopstetter

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