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Night Reverie


We are so used to take our cues from others or from the outside! Sometimes a thought pops up and then we hear a person or group we respect making a different assumption and we doubt ourselves. Sometimes we even defer to someone we don’t even know or respect and question our judgment. On rainy or gloomy days we absorb and wear the gloominess. Yet we have a very reliable compass within, a light that could brighten any room, a spark that like a full moon, causes others to stop in awe. It is this inner light that we need to acknowledge and allow it to become so radiant, so powerful and so clear in directing our life. How? By trusting our instincts, by having faith that what is moving us forward is guided by our authentic selves. If we heed its counsel, our lives will change for the better, our breath will be fuller and deeper, we will feel expansive, and food will taste richer. Our interactions with others will be more harmonious. When we practice trusting what we feel and know that it comes from the light in our hearts, our actions will feel right, as if we were pulled by a magic string. We will feel more wholesome, more integrated and at one with Spirit. You would have awakened to our dharma, to our truth… If you can, take a moonlight reverie tonight, look at the moon and the stars and visualize how your light matches their brilliance. And since you can trust that they are there every night whether it’s cloudy or rainy, it helps you trust that your light is also always there. Breathe and feel the peace that this brings. If you cannot go outdoors, contemplate the Night Reverie painting. Do this for the next 8 nights. Then let me know the results.
12.00" h x 12.00" w x 0.78" d
Weight: 5.00 lb
Original piece is unavailable here.

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