Squash Blossom Fotos

White Shell Girl Unification with the Moon

Squash Blossom Fotos
This artist is a member of SWAIA.org South Western Association for Indian Arts
Inspired by a story in the Navajo Creation story. The moon along with certain constellations were used to measure the coming of seasons, to signal when to plant, to harvest, when certain weather patterns were expected and when certain ceremonies should occur. White Shell Girl was asked to enter into the moon by First Man, First Woman and the Holy People. Before she entered the moon, she asked for the authority to control the tides with her movements and they agreed.

TITLE: White Shell Girl Unification with the Moon
MEDIUM: Fine art metal print

Limited edition metal print. The image is inkjet printed, pressed onto a sturdy aluminum panel using an innovative dye sublimation process. The ink is infused into the coating of the metal print, providing protection and durability. The print has a high gloss luminous base with a reflective finish. The back of the print has a black Inset Metal Frame with a wire hanger at a depth of 1 5/16".

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