Robin Leddy Giustina

River Styx 2

I used to take my niece and nephew to Water World In Sacramento when they came to visit from San Francisco. It is so foggy and windy in San Francisco in the summer months, so I figured that it would be a treat to go on this aquatic adventure. I was teaching art at Cosumnes Junior College at the time. Before I left in the morning to teach my classes, I asked my pre teen guests what would they like to do when I got home? We had made a list together of fun things to do like;Water World, Movie matinee, Crocker Art Museum, etc. It was so hot and crowded and I was tired when we arrived but, we grabbed our inner tubes and floated around and around on the man made river. I imagined and we played that we were trying to get to the underworld and that there was a life guard who I named Charin who we attempted we to avoid and the rules were to never, ever drink the toxic waters of The River Styx. Great fun!

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