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Lion of Judah

Though this piece may not be my best or most detailed, it is my favourite. I drew "Lion of Judah" in my 2015 high school art class. Though it was only my fifth drawing, it was the first time I could really see a future for myself doing art.

I had taken the original reference photo a few years earlier at Zoo Camp. I spent a week there, and on the last day of camp, we were allowed beyond the security fence, so the only thing separating us from this beauty was his chain-link cage. When he spotted us, he slowly crept through the tall grass toward us. I was too fascinated to let fear stop me from sticking my camera lens through the cage and snapping a picture as he locked eyes with me. I knew in that moment I had captured something special.

When I eventually drew it in my art class, I felt so humbled that God allowed me to use the picture I had taken years earlier as a reference for my art. The drawing symbolizes how focused, purposeful, and beautiful God’s gaze is toward each of us. He never turns away or breaks his promise. He’s always watching over us and preparing the best for us.

I had been dealing with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts during that time in high school, and God gave me art as an outlet to guide me back to Him, which is why this piece is so meaningful to me. It is just a small glimpse into the depth of His love, might, and majesty.

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