Lidia Scher Art

Conquering Dragons

Acrylic with mixed media on canvas.

In creating this piece, I was looking into the meaning of the mythical dragon in both Asian and Western cultures. Conquering the Dragon means, in both cultures, to stop chasing empty jewels and seize the pearls of wisdom hidden in our every day existence. It means that we have the courage to see our power in how much we love, how easy we forgive, how often we see others as Buddhas and how frequently we are focused on building, creating and enjoying what we have, who we are and what we can do to make our world a powerful place to dwell for all.

The rich fabrics, the pearls, glitter, jewels, and gold paint, bespeak of power. The greens and teals are reminiscent of water swirling about, pointing to the center; our heart center, the place deep within that is the source of our real strength, luck, authority and power. With a kind an innocent heart we can slain our weaknesses and receive the riches of spiritual growth: the wisdom of peace, love and happiness. Play with the pearls, conquer your demons and become the emperor/empress of your lives.

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