Website Makeover - Daniel Caspera

The FInal Result


We love Daniel Caspera's beautifully-rendered paintings and illustrations, which are full of humor and mysterious meaning. So when we noticed that he was using one of our oldest non-mobile-friendly templates, we asked if we could give him a website makeover. We thought his visually-arresting images would work well with our Florence themes. 

The best artist's websites focus on the art itself, so we chose the Panorama layout, which allows you to feature one strong image, and gives a preview of the next. Caspera's compelling images, which tell strange stories, invite you to find out what comes next, and the Panorama layout lets you give a provoking hint of what's to come. We didn't create a home page for the site, because with the Panorama gallery display option, the first image in your gallery acts as a home page image.

We liked the dark green color of his original site, and thought it worked well with his images, so we picked a similar shade for the new site. We kept the title and text as simple as possible, so as not to draw attention away from Caspera's paintings, which tend to contain text themselves. 

See more of Caspera's work at

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