Website Makeover: Brenda York

The New Design


Brenda York is "interested in deconstructing the architecture of the face to see how far I can abstract it and still capture the intangible human qualities." She is "drawn to rich, vibrant color and a whimsical, narrative approach to painting. My characters are quirky people painted with a sense of sophistication." We love York's work, and wanted to be sure that her site was up-to-date and mobile-friendly. Her basic design, which was simple and clean, suited the liveliness of her art and the richness of her colors. So we didn't make too many changes. We updated to a mobile-friendly template, which had more interesting options for gallery display. We also updated the fonts to make the site look a little more current. York went on to tweak the site herself till she had exactly what she was looking for.

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The old version.




The new gallery page, popluated by York's lively quirky characters.