4 Leading Artist Website Builders for 2024

Why Artspan is the Artists' Choice

Artspan websites are all individually-branded, ecommerce-enabled and feature-rich. They are easy to set up and customize. 30 day trial.

  • Ecommerce package is included in all sites at no extra cost
  • Prints-on-Demand.  Artists upload hi-res images and decide on sizes and pricing for the prints.  Buyers choose mats and frames. Artspan prints, ships and handles transaction details.  Print quality is excellent. 

    Art Storefronts (ASF) trumpets their Prints feature and are charging commissions in addition to monthly fees (see below).  We were the first website builder to integrate Prints-on-Demand into our artist websites (in 2007).  And we are miles cheaper.  Neither FASO nor Squarespace have it.
  • Customize the Design.  Completely change the look of your site with a click of the mouse.  Layout, content and images are automatically transferred to the new design.  Your old designs are all saved, so you can always go back.   No one else seems to have this... for example, a Squarespace site has to be completely redone in order to showcase a new look.
  • Artspan Marketplace. Artspan member work also shows in our Marketplace which gives artists 2 e-commerce platforms to sell their work from: their own branded sites and the Marketplace. Buyers who don't know your work to discover it using our intuitive search functions.
  • Augmented Reality AR) Live Preview. This will help you sell art by allowing buyers to view the artwork at scale using a cell phone in any room they are standing in.   Our only competitor in this area is Art Storefronts which charges a set-up fee of $2,800 for their top plan which includes the AR feature. Augmented Reality gives a big push to sales. Houzz.com surveyed 1 million users and found that Users are 11x more likely to buy after experiencing products in AR. Also prospects who use AR stay 2.7x longer engaged with products.  SEE MORE
  • Artspan Support: email, live chat and phone.  See if you get anyone at Squarespace, FASO or ASF on the phone –  ASF will call you back.   FASO does have a number listed.  Squarespace does not - they only allow email or live chat support.
  • Pricing: Artspan gives you a lot more for a lot less.

    Artspan has a 30-day free trial and the three plans are all-inclusive. No extra charges for any feature.  Cost of the plans is $13, $21 and $28/month.  NO set-up fee. And NO commission from the individual sites.

    FASO pricing: from $12 Intro Plan to $40/month. Free trial. No set-up.

    ASF has a set-up charge from $1,000 to $2,800 and a monthly fee starting at $50/month. Commissions on art sold run from 5% to 15%. We are not sure of the current pricing (our numbers were valid as of a couple years ago) as that is not posted anywhere that we could find. We are told you have to call and listen to a sales pitch before getting anywhere near the pricing.

    Squarespace: monthly fees are $8.00 to $40/month. Ecommerce enabled sites are $26 to $40. See Trustpilot for reviews. Users have found the set-up to be difficult.

No other website provider offers artists the complete package: Artspan provides everything you need to show and sell your work.  The sites are easy to set up and very customizable.  We work to promote your art and to help you market your work. Check out our Instagram presence, our Collections and the Articles which include videos and webinars.

Artspan was the first artist website builder company (formed in 1999) and is still the leader.

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NOTE: Reviews can be helpful - but be careful - they are not always what they seem.
This is from an email we received from a 'review provider':

"I'm a ( GOOGLE, TRUSTPILOT, BBB,FACEBOOK, App, Playstore,Etc) review provider. Non drop reviews provider. If you want to increase your site rating through 5* reviews post . I’ll help you . I have a big team. There are 2000+ people working with me.They will post this service from different devices. All posts will be stick and have a lifetime guarantee. If you are interested in this service please let me know. "

We did not sign on!

Check Trustpilot.com reviews. Squarespace has 800+ reviews over 10 years with an overall positive ranking of 1.5 out of 5 stars. Most people seem confused by the complexity they encounter.
A much much smaller company, ASF, also has 800+ reviews but over a 5 or 6 year period with a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 stars. That is a very high rating. Is it real? This is a very aggressive company with sales people working, one suspects, for commissions payable for signups. Artists can be a bit desparate and ASF can play on that, building up the hopes of the artists, and getting them to submit reviews soon after signing up.  We have a number of members who were ASF signups but left that company, disilusioned.
Artspan reviews yield 4.7 out of 5 stars from 88 reviews (all are real reviews).   We don't push new members to review us.
FASO has no reviews in Trustpilot.

Studies show that most reviews posted are negative in any product category. That is simply human nature.

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