Artist Resources during Quarantine

Hello Artspan friends! We hope you are staying healthy and hopeful and taking some comfort in springtime and in art of all forms.

Here's a list of resources for artists during these trying times. Some silly, some edifying, some serious. We'll continue to add to the list as the situation continues, so please let us know if you have resources you'd like to add to the list.

Creative inspiration:

10 ways to stay creative during times of stress. Advice to help you channel your energy towards your art and not towards your worries.

Are you taking this extra time to work on your artist website...

Advice for revitalizing your Artspan site.

...Or to get your work out there?

Here's a list of eleven places to submit artwork online. 

And here are a bunch more.

You're stuck inside and you have time to learn something new?

Free online art classes for adults or kids.

Free online courses from top universities.

Free online language classes.

You need a creative way to pass the time, or you need a distraction?

Watching lots of movies? Make it a movie about an artist.

Online tours of 1000s of museums.

Free online art books from the Guggenheim

Creative video games to play during lockdown.

Skillshare classes to keep you busy and give you a break.

Free coloring books from world-class libraries and museums.

Online challenges to help you stay creative.

Animal Cams.

Aquarium Cam.

Live Streams from the Metropolitan Opera.

If you're suffering financially because of the Quarantine.

Financial Relief Sources for Artists.

Resources for freelance artists.

Anonymous Was a Women relief grant for woman-identifying artists.

Artist relief Project

Arts and Culture LEaders of Color Emergency Fund

The Photographer's Fund

Art Interrupted Emergency Arts Fund