Who is on Artspan?

Painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, printmakers, fiber artists, ceramicists, mixed media artists, digital artists and more.

Do I have to build my own website? How long will it take?

Artspan has been developed so all members can easily create their dream website in minutes with smart, user-friendly tools.

What types of design choices do I have?

Artspan offers over 100+ templated designs with many color variations, including a customizable design where you can choose different colors and fonts. You can change your design with a click of the mouse.

How do I update/manage my website?

Your Artspan website comes with a user friendly control panel. Log in to your control panel using your username and password, and easily control all aspects of your site, including: homepage, artwork, galleries, design layouts, marketing tools, and more.

How do I add art?

Enter the Images section on the control panel and click "add new image". Upload your image (minimum of 600 pixels, h or w), and the image will be automatically re-sized to show on your website. You can also choose to add a zoom feature, apply a watermark, and/or have the images appear in a slideshow.

How do visitors find my work?

Your work shows in search results for originals and/or prints in the For Sale and/or All Art searches by price, category, subject, keywords, and more. The results page displays thumbnails and clicking on one pulls up a Product Page with more thumbs of your work and details on you and your art. Clicking on the Product Page brings the visitor to your website.

We also feature member work in our Collections, Articles, Blog(s) and in our regional and categories Directories. And, finally, also in our social media pages– Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr. We are the only website builder company to offer this.

Can I see how many people visit my site?

Yes. You can see how many people are visiting your site, and from which countries, as well as which pages are being viewed, by accessing the Stats section in your control panel. Artspan.com is an art destination.

Why do I need a Artspan website?

Your site will be part of a major internet artist community and destination with full search functions for visitors. And your work will be in our online gallery (at your option). Artspan sites are not vanity websites. Your Artspan site will work for you

Other website builder companies provide you with a website. Then you are on your own. Those are vanity websites.

A website is essential to showcasing and/or selling your work. We provide our members with the simplest and lowest cost way to create a customized artist website.

Can I sell my art through my site?

Yes! Through your Artspan membership a fully integrated shopping cart is included, and ready to go. You can also opt to be in the Prints-on-Demand program. Buyers choose an image, then size it and select a frame and mat. We ship and handle all transaction details.

Does Artspan charge a commission for work sold?

There is no commission for work sold to buyers who go directly to your site. We consider these buyers to be your buyers. There is a small 10% commission on sales to buyers who find your work through the Artspan Shop.

What is Prints-on-Demand?

You can choose to sell prints of your images. You choose the sizes to be offered that corresponding prices. The buyer chooses the size he or she wants and selects a mat and frame, if desired. Or you can order up a set number of images for you to keep in your inventory and sell as Limited Edition Prints. The quality of the prints is outstanding.

Is my artwork protected from theft?

Yes. Any image you create is copyrighted automatically. For any commercial exploitation under US and international copyright laws, you are protected. You can also opt for a copyright notice and right click has been disabled. Makes it tough to copy your image.

If I need help, can I talk to someone?

Yes! We have expert and friendly customer support people. You can call them (in the U.S. +1.609.397.0888 or via Skype by appointment) or you can simply contact the Help Desk by email or from your Control Panel. We are there to serve you.

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