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Getting Started with Customize

These instructions may appear a little complicated in the beginning. Be patient and you will find this Guide brings you quickly to a level of comfort with our Design Tools. If there is anything you don’t understand, let us know via Contact The Help Desk or by phone 9 -4 Eastern U.S. Time, 609-397-0888 (we can also arrange a phone conference at another mutually convenient time).

Choosing a Theme

Begin by choosing a theme. The first thing to do is to decide between the Amsterdam and Florence themes, and to choose a template from within these categories. These templates will give you an idea of what’s possible, but always be aware that you can change every element of the site to suit your artwork and your style.

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☛ STEP 1) From your Control Panel click on Design.

☛ STEP 2) Do you see a theme you like?

Preview it and, if you like it, hit “Apply to Site.”

There are two basic types of themes:

1) Amsterdam websites represent classic website design.

2) Florence themes, just launched, offer a greater variety of “looks” including 4 basic image displays: Panorama, Carousel, Masonry and Thumbnails

We suggest you give the Florence themes a try. You can switch to another look with a click of the mouse.

☛ STEP 3) To further customize by changing font color & size and to view gallery display options, click on “Customize this Theme.”


Back to Tutorials: Table of Contents

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