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Prints-on-Demand (PoD) Set Up Guide

Sell prints through the Prints-on-Demand program. We will automatically calculate sales tax and shipping, your customer will choose the shipping method and will purchase your prints using: Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, or PayPal.

Before you start, read the Prints-on-Demand Terms and Conditions.

Please also see: What are the image requirements to participate in Prints-on-Demand?

Sell Art/E-Commerce: Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: All Prints On Demand prices are in US dollars only.

Enable Prints-on-Demand

Specify which pieces of artwork you wish to sell prints of. From your Control Panel's Main Menu, click on

Click on the Print Options tab.

Then click on the pencil icon under the artwork.

Place a check-mark within the box for “Prints-on-Demand”.


Please note: If your original image was not uploaded with the minimum requirements, you will get a prompt to re-upload your image.

☛ Enter your pricing.



You will be able to offer up to 6 options, ranging from 5“ x 6” (or 6“ x 5”) to 35“ x 35”. The system will automatically calculate this for you based on the dimensions of the image you uploaded.

Enter the prices for each print size you wish to sell.

When finished, click the button.

Repeat Steps above for all other images you wish to offer prints.

Visiting your website, you can now see the print's sizes and prices that you are offering to your buyers. Please note: The price displayed is your asking price + $7/ per sq ft for premium archival matte paper. This combined price is for when your buyer clicks “Buy Print Only” button on your website or chooses the same paper from the Frame Shop.

Getting Paid

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