Dan Houston
Dan Houston was raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved NYC to attend college. His transition to Houston occurred over 35 years ago. As a Mecca for artistry and fine arts, Houston was the ideal place to cultivate his love for art, which he developed as a small child, creating masterpieces with crayons on brown paper bags... and his parent’s walls. Houston’s art is easily identifiable and distinct; his trademark use of courageous, contrasting colors is described by aficionados as “fearless” and “bold”. When these strong, striking colors are combined with passionate brush strokes, his abstract art gives the viewer a sense of strength and empowerment. His versatility ranges from realism to sculpture and abstract. Houston chose to focus on abstract, which allows him to better express his feelings and ideas through abstract rather than realism. Houston’s prefers acrylic on paper or Masonite wood. He sets his creative atmosphere with the tunes of jazz legends while working in his studio, then his innermost thoughts and ideas come to life, he even daydreams in Technicolor and often hears in colors. Houston offers to decorators, architects and collectors an art leasing program in addition to commissioned work.

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