Marilyn D. Pease
Marilyn's landscape paintings are generally representation in style with occasional abstract elements. She wants the viewer to experience a moment in time, imagine the feel of the swift wind or the scent of the Earth. Marilyn is composing an environmental faerie tale. This project is in a way, inside out in that the illustrations are telling the story. She was inspired to paint a winter scene with a butler waving goodbye to a departing horse-drawn carriage a bunny butler, that is. All the art in this gallery has emerged from composing the faerie tale. Who knows where inspiration comes from? Raised on the High Desert of Central Oregon and having lived in several other states and Canada, Marilyn's paintings share the beauty and wonder of those locations. Mountains, rivers, the dry hot heat of Northern California, and the sweltering summers of Georgia and Virginia continue to find space in her paintings. Oregon, Idaho and the Great Basin of the Inter-mountain West explore her time there. Marilyn's deep love of history and in particular, Greek history, art and sculpture, surface from her dreams of one day reaching those distant shores. Portraiture is a new endeavor, inspired by her family history and genetics. In addition to Marilyn's real world and dream artworks, she paints anthropomorphic characters and scenes based on the TyndallStone family of hares, her multiple-year imagining of their triumphs and struggles in the human world. Story to follow in the future. Marilyn has illustrated five children's books designed to teach reading for a Canadian publisher. Her art is held in collections in Canada and the United States. Marilyn lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with her husband and Pete, a demonic yet lovable Tabby cat.

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