Margaret Meeks
Margaret Meeks received a BA degree in advertising design from Florida State University, after which she worked in graphic design for many years. She was a partner in the Bugdal Group in Miami, Florida before founding Montgomery Design under the name of Margaret Montgomery, later changing her name to Margaret Meeks. She has served on the boards of The Society of Environmental Graphic Designers, South Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and CHARLEE Homes for Children. She also was a member of The Air Transport Association of America Task Force on Airport Signing and Graphics. The artist has received design awards from Print Casebooks, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, American Corporate Identity, Beckett Paper Company, and Strathmore Graphics Gallery Margaret retired professionally several years ago, donating her design talent to promoting fundraising events, while developing skills in computer generated art. Digital painting is the perfect medium for accomplishing the pure colors and sharp edges that she has always preferred in her execution of both graphic design and acrylic painting.

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