M. Dunham-Griggs
Peggy Griggs (M. Dunham-Griggs) will be known and remembered by many as one of the great painter/artist geniuses of the 20th century. Her paintings were shown at a number of museums and galleries, including New York’s Hudson River Museum. In mid-years, she closed her art studio and dedicated herself to the anti-Vietnam war efforts of that era. In the 1980’s, she donated land and buildings to create the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, a 200-acre ceramic art residence community in Newcastle/Edgecomb to give serious ceramic artists an affordable venue to pursue their artistic passion. In the same vicinity, she donated an extraordinary 55-acre parcel on the Sheepscot River to the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association. This “Griggs Preserve” is the Association’s oldest public preserve. In the early 70’s, she also started up the well-recognized Damariscotta River Association, which now owns 31 properties encompassing over 700 acres and holds 40 conservation easements on an additional 1350 acres along the Damariscotta River.

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