Yves Gabriel
Yves Gabriel was born in Haiti and currently lives in South Florida. He holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design as well. His artistic journey began over 10 years ago as an Organic Sculptor and Digital Artist. He later evolved as a painter by embracing abstraction and conceptualism as vehicles to address significant social and political issues of our times without compromising the essence of his inspiration. Influenced by Assemblage, an artistic form used by Rauschenberg and many others in the 1950s, he often incorporates three-dimensional objects in his pieces that break the two-dimensional plane to create a sculptural effect. He also works across various media including installation and sculpture. His works includes “Haiti: Unity with Strength”, which was featured in a publication of the International Contemporary Masters V, and subsequently exhibited at the Southern Nevada Museum of Art. His moving piece, “Diary of a Straight Guy,” won best in its category at the ArtServe Art Bravo Jury Show. His unique installation, “Tribute to Mandela”, led to a special showing in the Mandela’s Legacy art exhibition at the Miramar Cultural Center. He recently completed a collaborative piece for the City of Fort Lauderdale called “Unity Beacon of Fort Lauderdale.” This sculpture, which was unveiled in October 2017, was created in an effort to express the stories of and unite community members. In his latest series themed “Krik? Krak!: Is Anyone Listening”, the artist confronts the most controversial and substantive issues that continue to affect Haitian society, including class identity and objectification of women. During this incredible journey, the artist initiated conversations with various groups from different classes and also incorporated personal experiences to authentically and deeply inform his pieces. These exchanges also afforded him an extraordinary insight into these issues that are frequently conflated, suppressed and ignored within the culture. Yves Gabriel is widely acclaimed for his artistic vision and is dedicated to offering an engaging and fresh approach to the fundamental social and political issues that affect communities in the United States and beyond.

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