sabrina mantle
From what I been told I was pretty much born with a pencil in my hand, and as a child if I wasn't reading, I was drawing what I read . I started painting and sculpture at about 13. As a teenager I would be the only person under 50 in the oil painting workshops I went to, but I jumped at any chance to learn. My family always was very supportive and in my early twenties my mom somehow got me running a consignment shop of local artists. While I loved the chance to showcase my craft work and be my own boss it was financially a losing battle.  A few years later I finally went to college and quickly threw all proper cirriculum out the window and took all the art classes I could; painting, drawing, sculpture, print, textile, and various theory. I loved it all but soon ran out of money so I went back to work thinking making a living as an artist was a unreachable goal.  After many bad jobs I finally realized I had to at least try to show and sell my work so in the beginning of 2007 I took time off to get a body of work together and embarked on my 'art career'. Its nerve-wracking, ever-changing, and strange and I hope I can keep it up for many,many more years.

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