Sarah Dolezal
I am a mixed media artist from South Bend, IN. Growing up there was a heavy influence of medicine, science, math, language, and curiosity. The curiosity fueled my relationship with the rest of it. Both of my parents were adept at learning and knowledge so games were made of fact finding and trivia. Questions were adventures to undertake and knowing the truth about something made vivid fiction all the more tangible. The fun was never really in the knowing, it was in the finding out. The curiosity combined with the desperate interest in seeing how things work, who the parts interact to make a functional whole, and imagining the minds who did the figuring to create it in the first place, drives me to take things apart. Anxiety, the need to keep my hands busy, and the overwhelming fear of seeing anything with life still in it be forgotten, compels me to put things together again. My parts may never serve their original function again. My hope is that,what was once unseen, will become the new marvel to behold. I feel that the efforts put into the engineering of old machines, clocks, and craftsmanship should not be done in simply because the original function is no longer on the table. I also work with bones. Often my pieces are a combination of anatomy and philosophy. They tell stories of working through questions or are representative of daydreams. The bones I work with are ethically sourced which means nothing was killed specifically for me to use in my work. I don't see them as creepy or gruesome. They are part of the mechanics of a once living being. Looking at the way an animal died or how their bones formed is a curiosity and trait anyone would want any medical professional to have. Curiosities about anatomy are crucial to keeping people healthy, and artists have famously led the charge of exploring bodies. It is important to know that there are other options besides the creep factor to use body parts in art. If a person can understand the real draw of the artist to the parts they work with or study, the work its self can be appreciated so much more. The work will automatically take on a much richer flavor. I've been showing my work for a few years mainly in South Bend, IN where I participated in ArtBeat (3rd year), Bizarre Coterie, Circus of Art, SB150, and had work shown in the South Bend Selfie Exhibit at the South Bend Museum of Art. I have also participated in RAW: Spectrum and Oranje in Indianapolis, IN as well as Corpus Illuminata and Damned in Detroit, MI. I have a website where my work can be seen at as well as a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. I work to support the arts and artists in my local community and am a member of Northern Indiana Artists, Inc ( I plan on continuing my work focusing more on gallery events more than outdoor events due, mostly, to how fragile some of my pieces can be. It will be interesting to see where this all takes me.