Alice Lipping
Alice began as a non-representational color painter that worked mainly on a large-scale format, but recently has been working on a smaller scale utilizing a variation of different surfaces. Her work, using minimal color and a process of layering creates a sense of depth and movement, fusing the act of painting with an experimentation of various materials to produce texture or it’s appearance, drawing the viewer in. Using acrylic paint and mixed media to emulate the look of a wall cracking and peeling, the outcome is work influenced by her photography of distressed spaces and surfaces, conveying the concept of how things change over time and the beauty of the forgotten. Having recently discovered alcohol ink, she has experimented with its ability to work on nonporous surfaces such as yupo paper, metal, plastic, glass and now porcelain tile. Through this new medium she has found the ability to capture surfaces such as marble and stone, helping her fulfill the vision in her mind of recreating these images. She looks forward to exploring more surfaces and the endless possibilities of integrating this medium within her full body of work. Alice has received her BFA in painting from Hunter College, and is currently working from her studio at Studio 34 in Long Island City, NY. She has been in many group shows and continues to exhibit artwork in public spaces as well. In addition to her recent shows she has shown work in several restaurants in and outside of Astoria, including work in Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Craft in NYC. She was commissioned for a painting in Osaka, Japan for the Color Plastic company Ok-Kasei, has worked on several private commissions, and has sold work to private collectors throughout the world. She has participated in a live painting performance for the Food Network's "Wine Down Art Show" in Atlantic City during a Food and Wine Festival, and has been featured in doing interviews for many online publications. Alice is also currently working on several projects for an Interior Designer in the New York and New Jersey area.

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