Anton Maliar
I am an emerging artist from Ukraine, Eastern Europe. I visited art school for 7 years, where I practiced in watercolor and oil painting, drawing, pottery and studied art history. I took part in group exhibitions at the time. After graduating I worked for over a decade as digital designer and data journalist, where I mastered understanding color and importance of details. Several years ago I began displaying my art online. Within short time, I got collectors attention from Zurich, Melbourne, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, many cities in the UK, Lisbon, Zaragoza in Spain, Singapore, India, Turkey and other parts of the world. During the last year I took individual courses from renowed Ukrainian artists and I keep constant self education and art development as my top priority. My artworks are very different from one another, because I am still in search of my own, unique style. I experiment a lot with colors, media and personal approach. Nevertheless, I think this diversity is a big plus for me. Hope you will find something to your taste among my art.

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