Rosie Ratigan
For a solo show in Lander in 2016, I painted a series of bison from my photographs from a local bison ranch located in Sinks Canyon in Lander. These paintings became a thrilling breakthrough for my artistic career. Experimenting with pushing and pulling colors was part of the fun of this series. Each bison had its personality and I tried to capture that emotion in his eyes and gesture. While taking the photographs, we were on the flatbed of the Raynold’s truck and I was able to get some great close-up photographs of these amazing animals. I believe my love for Wyoming wildlife and birds comes through in my artwork. Through my dedication and hard work in my artwork, I have received numerous professional awards over the last several years. The rich colors of oil paints and the ability to mix my own colors is why I love painting with oils. The challenge and joy of my artwork comes from all of the ideas in my mind that are waiting to emerge on canvas. My hope is to delight and bring pleasure to the viewer. I truly believe in painting what I know and love, for in doing so, my heart touches the canvas with the brush and paint.

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