Vicki Robinson
Contemplative, unique, beautiful, and complex are all adjectives used to describe the vision Vicki has for each image she creates. Growing up in a large family art was a way to escape a hectic household. Recognizing her passion for art her parents enrolled her in art lessons. Oil painting, tried it, pastels, tried it, watercolor, tried that too. None of these mediums held her artistic attention. Growing up in a large family with a stay at home Mom, a blue collar Dad, plus 4 siblings, family was the focus - not keeping up with the Jones’. This led to an outlet that fulfilled a need to be both creative and fashionable while on a budget, which was sewing. All the while in the back of her mind was the real passion that laid dormant. She wondered if she would lose what talent she had if the way to fulfill it continued to evade her but life went on. As an adult Vicki enjoyed home decor projects then, all of a sudden she was in her 50’s, now an empty nester/fishing widow, she discovered zentangling. Zentangling is best described as doodling with a purpose. It is traditionally a series of intricate black and white patterns shaded to add depth and interest. Vicki wanted to go beyond that so she began incorporating zentangling with sketched images . Liking that but still hungry for something more she began adding color by using gel pens. This evolved into using metallic and glitter gel pens along with colored pencils. While observing her art you will see that Zentangle patterns are endless and can be both feminine and masculine as portrayed by the various themes she chooses ranging from sports, to the performing arts, to spiritual images, and even ladies adorning fashionable hats expressing everything from mystique to whimsy. If you look at Vicki’s images and find yourself enlarging the screen to study the zentangle patterns and their intricacies or you find yourself staring at one of her images on your wall from every angle discovering something new each time and enjoying the way it opens your mind and calms you then she has achieved her artistic goals. She asks that you share her art with your friends and family by purchasing them for that unique one of a kind well thought out gift and/or directing them to her social media sites and website. She will tell you that art is not her main source of income, at least not yet, but selling it is the only way to support her art habit and plus, no one wants to create something just for their own enjoyment. Half the fun is sharing it and experiencing the way others react.

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