Atul Pande
I am a self-taught painter working in water-based media, mainly acrylic. My style is based on the non-objective modern expressionist movement that grew in post-WWII New York. I have been influenced in recent years by the work of two North Carolina based contemporary artists, Bob Rankin ( and Joe DiGiulio (, with both of whom I had the privilege to learn the power of line and form in abstract art. The experience of growing up in colorful India and being educated as a neuroscientist inspires me to meld colors and shapes on the canvas to create organic forms that spontaneously engage viewers. I work in an intuitive manner employing line, form, and color, but without a goal in mind. The finished painting evolves from the layers of paint added to each piece. Some works may have as many as half a dozen layers that add to the perception of depth. Though the combination of lines and shapes may be perceived in my art by the viewer as a certain object, this is not by design. It is an indication that the viewer has engaged on multiple levels beyond just the immediate visual interest of the piece.

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