Swampy Sloth
Timothy Higgins is a somewhat mentally stable and talented artist from Louisiana. He fell in love at an early age with "visual storytelling" through comic books and role-playing games.... from which he has never fully recovered. In his time, he has been a hobby/comic-book store owner, commercial sign painter, as well as a fast food manager. Somehow during this period of his life he managed to get some schooling in both Visual Communications and the Fine Arts. Within the last twenty years he has been doing both "traditional art" and computer graphics in the game software industry, working for and with such famous people like: Bob Ezrin (Music producer for many Rock’n’Roll legends), Scott Page (Saxophonist and rhythm guitarist for Pink Floyd), Bruce Campbell (Actor of "Evil Dead" fame). Tim has worked on over 30 published titles covering every kind of genre you can think of, from hardcore military simulation video games to children's hand held games. Some of his most well-known video game work includes: Harvester (In which he played the Chess Master character), Tachyon: The Fringe, BloodRayne, Doom , Need for Speed, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, just to name a few. One day he decided he was tired of making rich people richer, and working extremely long thankless hours to make deadlines only to see his work end up in a clearance bargain bin at game stores.....He started missing his Louisiana roots. He retired from the video game industry in 2010 and moved back home to Louisiana. Once back home, he met his future wife Lindsey who was so impressed and moved by his talent, that she began aggressively pushing and convinced him into making more art and start doing public showings. Along with his wife’s love, support and blessing, they decided to create Swampy Sloth Studios to start selling his own fantasy Cajun/Creole themed art projects and prints. Now he is back in his element with his more traditional roots using modern digital techniques and software to create one of a kind pieces that embody the spirit of Louisiana. He currently lives in a spooky part of northern Louisiana along with his wife, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a plethora of Comic Book and horror memorabilia, weapons and other strange occult artifacts.

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